10 Leaders Who Redefine Leadership

Think you know what a leader looks like? Meet nine women and one male ally from World Pulse’s global network who are transforming their communities—and challenging traditional images of leadership along the way.

When we reached out to World Pulse community member Susan K.A. to thank her for her leadership as a World Pulse Welcomer and to ask her if she’d like to participate in this article, she was surprised. She had never before thought of herself as a leader, a word she’d seen divide people rather than bring them together. But her actions, along with the other nine women and men you will read about here, model loving and compassionate leadership. They demonstrate that leadership can be showing a girl in rural Zimbabwe that she matters and that her opinions are valuable; it can be simply being yourself and sharing your story in spite of the discrimination you face; it can be empowering others to take on leadership roles; it can be teaching your sons to value and respect women.

At World Pulse, we have seen as many ways to lead as there are members in our global network—and all are making our world a better place. Here are 10 of the many, many World Pulse leaders who have inspired us this year.


Greengirl | Nigeria

Leading with Service

“The world will only begin to experience true leadership when people come to an understanding that leadership is more about what you can give than what you can get. Leadership is service, and the gains are embedded therein.” Read more »


Malayapinas | Philippines

Leading through Grassroots Action

“The passion and the patience to unite the people in charting their own destiny and collectively realize their aspirations—without fears of the power that be—is the very essence of being a leader.” Read more »

Patsy Lindrio

Patsy Lindrio | Uganda

Leading with Courage

“Being a leader to me means service, standing up for what I believe in—which is equality—regardless of what other people will think of me.” Read more »


Ynanna Djehuty

Ynanna Djehuty | United States

Leading Revolution

“Leadership can be tender, loving, and compassionate. My leadership demands the collective to hold and own the power.” Read more »



Mukut Ray

Mukut Ray | India

Leading with Love

“My approach to leadership could be a pep talk, like saying to someone ‘You are good, and you have the confidence to go further’…These seemingly small words can actually transform a person’s life.” Read more »

Shahd Majeed

Shahd Majeed | Iraq

Leading through Collaboration

“Leadership is about making other people leaders and empowering them.”Read more »



Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha | Zimbabwe

Leading as an Ally

“Being a leader is first to carry others’ burdens, to do the best in sharing your skills, your passions, your creativity, and your world view–while balancing opportunities and space for both genders.” Read more »

Princesse Muluzinyere

Princesse Muluzinyere | Democratic Republic of Congo

Leading through Mentorship

“A leader is someone who has a clear vision, which she aims to achieve with the help of others!” Read more »




Bitani | Lebanon

Leading through Self-Expression

“It means the world to me to see the ideas I’m presenting spreading.” Read more »



Susan K.A.

Susan K.A. | United States

Leading by Listening

“Leadership is demonstrated by learning the art of listening to others, really listening, and providing empathy. This requires the ability to quiet one’s own mental chatter and agenda in order to let the speaker express everything that weighs on them, uninterrupted, and truly feel heard. Read more »