10 Mind-Blowing Pentagon Audit Reports All Americans Need To Know

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Above Photo: From Degraw.media

Based on these U.S. government reports, as a top National Security priority, Congress must fulfill their Constitutional duty to begin wide-scale investigations into the epidemic of systemic corruption throughout the Pentagon.


While trillions of dollars in military spending have gone unaccounted for, a record number of Pentagon whistleblowers have been retaliated against and silenced. As you will read throughout this report, the chain of accountability has been effectively dismantled. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community Inspector Generals have been caught covering-up whistleblower reprisal cases and shutting down investigations.

Prominent government insiders are speaking out. Many vital Inspector General positions have been vacated under scandalous circumstances. To make matters even worse, the C.I.A. was caught illegally and unconstitutionally surveilling Congress to interfere with whistleblower communications and investigations.

Meanwhile, political bribery and revolving door corruption have reached all-time highs.  Since the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) first began reporting what is now over $21 trillion in unaccounted for spending, 12,727 government officials have gone through the revolving door with Global Military companies.  In the latest example, after spending 30-years at Boeing, Patrick Shanahan recently took over as acting Defense Secretary and is now in charge of military spending.

Not surprisingly, the Pentagon has missed their deadline and is yet to brief Congress on their failed first-ever full-scope audit. As an initial audit found, “financial management is so weak that its leaders and oversight bodies have no reliable way to track the huge sums [of tax money] it’s responsible for.” Thus far, the only significant change to come out of the audit: Pentagon accounting fraud has now been “legalized.”

According to people who spent their careers working for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the books are cooked as Standard Operating Procedure. There are thousands of accounting and financing operations throughout the Pentagon. No one even knows how many there are, let alone how much money is being spent.

Numerous government investigations, audits and reports have revealed many critical, wide-ranging accounting problems, which have been known for years, yet have never been fixed. There are hundreds of unimplemented solutions, which could save U.S. taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually.

  • Lon Ball

    See Catharine Austin Fitts, whistleblower supreme: Catharine Fitts. https://home.solari.com . $21 trillion missing money at the Fed. We must broaden our base and be inclusive of those who fundamentally recognize the DNC/RNC fascist corruption.

    We must bridge to all groups who share left progressive Wall St., anti-Globalist and anti-war, pro-individual rights Consitutionalists’agendas; to progressive right, including Libertarians who Dennis Kucinich has joined, and Hold your nose, Trey Gowdy honest nationalists. In addition count in all who will join and let the domestic issues be resolved after the big crisis of New World Order treason is stopped. The Anti-Wall St. Republican independent investors are with Bernie agenda 80% because they realize more than leftists how corrupt Federal Reserve and Pentagin are.

  • Pat moore

    Thank you for this important information.

  • But I messed up doing my own taxes because I couldn’t afford for them to be done by a professional so I am now paying the IRS back over $4,000 with interest. Yet they get away with trillions.