100 Brooklyn Public Defenders Walk Out In Eric Garner Protest

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Over 100 Legal Aid attorneys walked out of Brooklyn Criminal Court Tuesday morning to protest the grand jury outcome in Eric Garner’s case.

“Mr. Garner was our client and we wanted to show solidarity with our clients,” said attorney Rebecca Kavanagh.

Bina Ahmed is a public defender on Staten Island.

“We see a lot of police brutality,” she explained. “We see a lot of charges of resisting arrest when people are beaten to a pulp by the NYPD, to justify the brutality”

After leaving the courthouse, the attorneys staged a ‘die-in’ on the front steps of the boroughs detention complex and a march outside District Attorney Ken Thompson’s office.

On the PIX 11 Morning News, Sergeant’s Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins criticized the city’s response to ongoing demonstrations, “were placating to a bunch of demonstrators that are disrupting the hard working people going through the city, tying up traffic,” he said.

Mullins maintains the upstanding officers who keep order and even protect the protestors have been silent heroes over the last few weeks.

“The real truth of it is we have a lot of good cops throughout the country that are working to keep the country safe, and a lot needs to be explained on how the criminal justice system works and what takes place for the public.”