100 Kids, 100 Toys: The Rich Are Only Rich If We Let Them Be.

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One hundred kids with 100 toys in a big room. Shrieks of joy. Kids running everywhere. Playing, laughing, squeals of delight. Everyone has a toy, everyone is having fun.

What if those 100 kids represent all the people of the United States and those 100 toys represent all the wealth and all the income of our country?

Everybody is in the same room but everything has changed. No shouts of joy, no laughter.

There are one very rich kid in the corner hoarding a pile of 40 toys. There is nine other “upper middle class” rich kids circled around him hogging a total of another 40 toys. Combined these ten rich kids have 80 of the 100 toys.

The next 50 kids share 20 toys. They are the middle class.

Finally, there are 40 working class kids that don’t have any toys at all—actually they owe a toy to the one rich kid.

Life would be very different if we all shared equally.

The 325 Million people of the United States produce nearly 20 Trillion dollars of income every year. Credit Suisse estimates that we have a combined net worth (what we own less what we owe) of 94 Trillion dollars…and none of this counts what the rich have secretly hidden away in overseas tax heavens.

Sharing equally, every family of four would have a yearly income of over $240,000 per year and a net worth of over $1,000,000.

We are all rich if we share.

The decision about how we share ultimately comes from the people. It is a political decision.

The rich are only rich if we let them be.


My thanks to— and links for further information:

To Rivera Sun, author, and strategist for nonviolent movements who conceived of the 100 kids, 100 toys idea

Wealth, Income, and Power, by G. William Domhoff for his analysis of US Census and Federal Reserve household income and wealth reports, (retrieved June 16, 2018)

Credit Suisse for their annual global wealth report.

Dariel Garner is the person who inspired Rivera Sun’s novel Billionaire Buddha . A story about a man that created an enormous fortune but turned his back on wealth when he realized that great wealth was destroying him and the planet.



  • Guy Flint

    How is that wealth to be equally distributed? I agree with that goal, but s not know of a mthod of attainment and sustaining it. Thank you.

  • herbdavis

    Just sharing some of it would make so many lives easier. We could spend it on music lessons and foreign languages in our schools!

  • Dariel Garner

    Imagine the fruitfulness of life if people were freed from want and the fear of want. As Hery George said …it would be like turning water into the desert.

  • kevinzeese

    That is why we need an aggressively, progressive income tax, up to 90% for earnings of over $5 million annually, with the primary purpose being wealth redistribution. Those funds could be used for a federal jobs guarantee program for infrastructure, transformation to clean energy, social work and mental health services, basic income for all and so much more.

  • kevinzeese

    One way is a progressive income tax that goes up to 90% for earnings (income from work or capital) for over $5 million, with graduated taxes starting at 40% for earnings over $250,000. We could even lower or end taxes for earnings under $100,000. The purpose would be to reduce inequality and provide funding for essentials that are woefully underfunded, e.g. rebuilding US cities especially communities that have been neglected for decades.

  • kevinzeese
  • Dariel Garner

    The big hit would be in estate taxes. How about 100% over $20 Million. Or being creative allow a tax free inheritance of a spouse and children of $2.5 Million each…that’s their weight in gold… and with everything else going back to the society that created the wealth. Do the rich need any more than their weight in gold?Over 30 Trillion will be transfered in the USA in the next few decades…currently virtually tax free. Dynastic wealth is creating a very real aristocracy that will become even more dangerous as it becomes more seperated from the people.

  • kevinzeese

    The good news with inequality becoming so extreme after decades of tax, trade, corporate welfare and other policies designed to funnel money to the top is that we know where the money is. We just need the political will to tax it aggressively.

  • Jon

    Also structural change: No corporation can be allowed to own, in whole or in part, another corporation. Further, with citizen initiatives, people can void the corporate charters for egregious behavior of corporate entities–corporate death sentences.