11 Year Old Vows To Silence Against Climate Change

May our silence amplify the voices of children and people everywhere calling for
climate action now!!
     My name is Itzcuauhtli (Eat-Squat-Lee) and I am 11 years old. I am on a silent strike until world leaders take action on Climate Change. By world leaders I mean you!  We have waited too long for the people we call leaders to take action. We now face a crisis that threatens everyone’s future and every living system on the planet.

I had to do something so I stopped talking on October 27, 2014. My talking strike for climate action has been harder than I ever thought it would be!  My friends and teachers keep asking how long I will keep this silent strike going and how will it make a difference anyway. What I hope, is that in my silence all those who love us will speak out on behalf of our future and the world we are being left with.

     The people we think of as leaders haven’t been leading.  Maybe it’s up to youth to lead.  Maybe we all have to be world leaders through our actions, because just talking isn’t getting us anywhere.

     If you feel the way I do and are ready to be a leader join me December 10th for a Global Silent Strike.  Refuse to speak for a day – or even an hour .  When the silence strike is complete — we will speak up about climate change and never stop until we create the world we deserve to inherit and leave for future generations.

People are signing up from all over the world – Join Us! Our voices must be heard!!!

1.  Click on this link to sign up
http://www.climatesilencenow.org/take-action.html or visit my sitewww.climatesilencenow.org 
2. Wear a grean band, cord, rope, yarn or string whatever you can find on your left wrist to show your solidarity
3. Share pictures of your green band and share our campaign and your commitment with your friends, email pics and stories to us and we will post them on this site and our facebook page
4.  Share on your social media pages and use #climatesilencenow and #ourfuturematters

May our silence amplify the voices of children and people everywhere calling for climate action now.

To support my silent strike or our Earth Guardians work you can make a donation at http://earthguardians.org/donation.shtml