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12 Young People Blockade Oil Company Cocktail Party

Above: The Sunrise Movement,  shut down a fossil fuel lobbying event at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC on March 5, 2018. They are  on fossil fuel corruption to demand a safe climate and just future for everyone.

Sunrise Movement blockaded the doors at the Trump Hotel in DC to a cocktail party being thrown by the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Sunrise, which describes itself as “a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis,” organized a protest at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC when the Independent Petroleum Association of America was holding a cocktail party lobbying event.

As you can see in the livestream they disrupted the party and told personal stories about climate impacts and the need for a swift end to the fossil fuel industry. They also had people outside the hotel holding a support rally that called attention to what was happening inside and talking to media.

On their Facebook page they write “We call ourselves Sunrise because we know this dark hour in America, when fossil fuel executives and climate deniers run our government, cannot last. The sun will rise again. We have a 4-year plan to make climate action an urgent priority in every corner of the country, expose the fossil fuel executives who have purchased politicians and blocked progress, and lift up champions who will work for the people at every level of government.”

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