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13 Ways To ACT In Solidarity For Justice For Walter Scott

Above Photo: Black Lives Matter Gerry Image

1. We need the ability to secure our own communities so that police are no longer needed. If you’re interested in peace keeping, security and/or tactical training for you neighborhood please email
2. We are ready to expand our training of Cop Watch programs to enforce police accountability using our video surveillance. If you’re interested in Cop Watch training or if you’re already filming police interactions with the community please email
3. Join us this Thursday, December 8th at North Charleston City Hall for a People’s Assembly to End Police Brutality, speak out at the North Charleston City Council Meeting and help us continue the fight to reform the Citizen’s Advisory Commission into a body with Power. This board in its current form is a weak body that can only make recommendations and give advice. It does not represent a mechanism that can ensure accountability, legitimacy, and trust. It does nothing to address the abuse of authority in which some officers engage. Furthermore, there is no budget and no oversight power. We want to change that. If interested in participating in this effort email for more details and SHARE THE FLYER ATTACHED!
4. We need proactive members of the North Charleston community who are serious about police reform to apply to be on the Citizen’s Advisory Commission. Apply here… . Screenshot your application and forward it to PLEASE APPLY AND SHARE WIDELY.
5. We have long journey ahead of is with a new President and governor and a Mayor who has promised ‘retribution’. We need to be able to resist potential policies that impact our communities negatively and become resillient. LET’S BE PROACTIVE! Join the Charleston Strong Rapid Response Network. We need 50 people who can organize at least 10 of their friends, family and/or associates. If interested email
6. Plan a march, parade, or rally. Black Lives Matter Charleston will assist in organizing, promotional efforts, raising bail, and retaining legal counsel. If interested in supporting email
7. Plan and execute a walk-out, solidarity strike at you school or workplace. For support email
8. We need artists/artivists to help manifest the communities feelings of anger, frustration and solidarity through art, graffiti, and creative place making, etc. Don’t Ask!! Just Do it!!
9. We need the North Charleston City Council members to reconsider the Charleston Area Justice Ministry’s proposal to have an independent outside monitor to assess North Charleston Police Department. In April every member on North Charleston City Council voiced their reluctance to support this recommendation. Contact Information for city council members are attached.
10. We are creating a series of mock trials slated to take place before the retrial of Michael Slager. If interested in participated or hosting this event email
11. Ask local businesses you patronize to take a stance and display #JusticeforWalter Scott banners/posters and share on social media business pages
12. Help to raise funds and/or put pressure on North Charleston to purchase the property where Walter Scott passed and convert into a memorial park. The property is located at 5654 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406 and owned by Mega Pawn. Please call the property owner (843) 740-2504 and Mayor Summey’s office (843) 747-4690 to encourage this effort.
13. Keep the conversation moving forward and hold ‘good’ officers accountable. Do not be afraid to dialogue with law enforcement. Ask officers to help “protect the integrity of the profession by calling out bad cops and taking a stand in police reform efforts.” Ask that they help demand justice for Walter Scott.
***Lastly, this is a traumatic time for people most vulnerable to police misconduct. If you are in need of people to talk to or if you would like to report police misconduct please feel free to email us at
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