15 Cases: Constructive vs Destructive U.S. Foreign Policies

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Note: The United States is currently a world hegemony, but the end of US empire and movement toward a multi-power world are developing rapidly. A critical task of the movement for economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace is to push the United States to end its empire in a way that is least damaging to the world and people of the United States. The article below provides some clarity and common sense.

The right column is sadly familiar; add more recent cases.

The left column also carries an element of sadness but nothing really radical; more like common sense that could easily be translated into political practice.

And yet it does not happen, to the detriment of the parties concerned: the USA and its relations to the world. USA wants to be feared but reaps hatred with right column politics. Does it want to be loved?

A theory is something tested along its edges (Quine); what you deduce from the theory–and to me the key “edge”–is its action-consequences.




Encourage local saving banksPublish M2  Check Fed Reserve

Tax speculation  Drop bonuses

Outlaw basic needs speculation

Democratic control of central banks, state or private

Mixed world currency

More F than Real growthMore money than value

Serving loans not people

Countries in debt bondage

Globalization through privatized central banks

US$ world reserve currency

TERRORISM Identify their just goalsPublish Atta  Who did 9/11? Extra-judicial executionSOCO-Drones  Covert war
US-ISRAEL vs ARAB-MUSLIMSTATES Palestine recognized; andA two states solution; and

A Middle East Community MEC Israel and 5 Arab neighbors

1967 borders with revisions; and

Org for Sec Coop West Asia

Tail wagging dog:Israel wagging USA;

AIPAC wagging Congress

Judeo-Christianity is anti-Islam.

Danger: Extreme US anti-semitism

LIBYA Self-determination for parts, Federalism with democracy Continued anarchyUnitary state illusion
SYRIA Self-determination for parts,Federalism with democracy Attack; SCO response?split Syria, rule parts
IRAQ Self-determination for parts,(Con)federalism with democracy

Kurdish autonomous communities

Withdrawal only:no rebuilding,

no compensation

IRAN Conciliation for 1953,Middle East nuclear free zone

Cooperation on non-fossil energy

Attack, SCO response?No Iran nuclear arms

Controlling Iran oil?

PAKISTAN Pashtun autonomy, drop Durand  Self-determination in KashmirIndian-Pakistani-Kashmiri parts Building a Durand fenceExtrajudicial execution

SOCO-Drones  Covert war

AFGHANISTAN A Central Asian CommunityFederation  Local autonomies

OIC-UNSC joint peacekeeping

Nonaligned, no bases

Withdrawal only;no rebuilding,

no compensation

keeping troops, bases

KOREA Peace Treaty with N KoreaNormalization USA-N Korea

Korea as nuclear free zone

Marginalizing N KoreaUS-SK military exercises

Breaking agreements

CHINA Open high level dialogue,Mutual learning in economics

Civil and economic rights

Encircling, sub-sat-navy“Reform”=neoliberalism

civil rights only

JAPAN Japan in NE Asian CommunityGood relations to USA, APEC+

USA pulls out of Okinawa

Impeding conciliationKeeping Japan as client

Subverting A9

AFRICA Welcome African UnityBuild with China E-W highway AFRICOMMilitary intervention
LATIN AMERICA Welcome CELAC integrationEquity Latin/Anglo-America

Normalization USA-Cuba

Military interventionSupporting coups

CIA micro-management

WORLD All human rights conventions,across state borders

National self-determination

Dialogue of civilizations

Stronger UN, with parliament

Civil-political only,within state borders

Unitary state models

Western universalism

US exceptionalism


  • Robert H. Stiver

    The matrix is confusing to me, but elements (most) strike me as right on and no-brainers. Neither Russia nor Turkey so much as mentioned…?! (nor Europe, nor Africa except for Libya, nor India)

    The (ZioUsrael) Empire must fall.

  • chetdude

    I’d add:

    Abolish DHS (Dept of Fatherland “security”) and dismantle all components of the National Security apparatus that is dedicated to USAmerican population control, spying on USAmericans and destabilizing other nations…

    Take 75% of the treasure pissed away on the bloated war machine and;

    A) Make the DOD an actual Department of Defense – NOT gangsters for capitalism — shouldn’t cost more than what Russia and China spend together: <$300B or 1/4 of what USAmerica currently pisses away on the bloated war machine including DHS, etc…

    B) Use treasure saved ($900B) to create Department of Peace to institute programs of Restorative Justice to try to repair the massive global (and domestic) damage done by rapacious USAmerican policies and wars and prepare for life on a much different Planet with a much more hostile climate.

    C) Pass HR676 – Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. This would save another $500B per year in health care costs and allow an opportunity to reform the entire system from remedial sick care for profits to a Health Care System. This would result in a happier, healthier population that doesn't feel the need to wage domestic and global wars.