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18 Of The Most Amazingly-Creative Protests Ever!

What does create long-lasting change, is changing the hearts and minds of the people, and changing the consciousness of society. This is done by connecting to them on both an emotional and a logical level, not by just expressing how angry you there. There is certainly plenty of value in large gatherings where people loudly express their views, but it will require a bit more creativity than that to really connect with people on a deeper level.

Most people think protests are aimless especially when they are mismanaged and get violent. Such protests instead lead to many socio-economic challenges, which create more problems than before.

However, if clever words and peaceful gestures are used for a protest, it gets more positive attention and hence may change the course of history. Traditionally, protests have been thought of as a way to demand change from the masters, but as we have seen throughout history, this rarely achieves long-lasting change.

Here are 18 of some of the most creative protests ever recorded in history:

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