Monsanto Threatens Democracy: 16 of 22 Monsanto Lobbyists Held Government Jobs

By Konstantin Ravvin, -

Ninety-three percent of Americans support labeling foods that contain genetically altered crops. The discrepancy between public opinion and the status quo can be explained by two competing [...]

June 4: Part 2 of Youth Justice Reinvestment Podcasts – RSVP

By Diane Wittner and Bill Moyer, -

On Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30 Pacific/8:30 Eastern, we invite you to join us for the second of our Conversations on youth justice reinvestment. Zachary Norris and Grace Bauer, co-directors of [...]

Chomsky on Anarchism, Propaganda, Libertarianism, Free College Education and Student Action

By Michael S. Wilson, -

Anarchism is suspicious and skeptical of domination, authority, and hierarchy. It seeks structures of hierarchy and domination in human life over the whole range, extending from, say, [...]

‘Blockupy’ Protesters Surround ECB in Frankfurt

German police said at least 1,000 people had gathered in the rain in the financial district by Friday morning, linking arms and blocking streets. The Blockupy protesters also plan to block access [...]

As Fracktivists Protest, Resist, Sit-In, Frack-Profiteers Push Forward in Illinois

By Steve Horn, -

The Illinois House and Senate are set to adjourn for the year on May 31 and the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation Act will likelyreceive a full floor vote by adjournment. The regulatory bill has 59 [...]

Open Governance Framework: Getting Things Done Without the Bureaucratic BS

By Darin Lawson Hosking, -

I have been observing and participating in the overall movement since inception in New York both physically and virtually via the internet. I have visited several camps, been to many GA’s, went [...]

Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical is the New Normal

By Robert Jensen, -

We are staring down multiple cascading ecological crises, struggling with political and economic institutions that are unable even to acknowledge, let alone cope with, the threats to the human [...]

Global Indigenous Uprising Offers Path That Won’t Destroy Life on Earth

By Kristen Moe, -

Idle No More swept Canada last December and ignited a wave of solidarity on nearly every continent. To outsiders, it might seem that Idle No More materialized spontaneously, that it sprang into [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Announcing Our New Website,

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

Two years ago, we launched with “History is Knocking.” We asked if the time might be right for a larger mass of people to rise up against the corporate control of our government [...]

Industrial Disasters and Student Activism

By George Lakey, -

This winter a string of fires in apparel factories in Bangladesh was followed in May by the Rana Plaza collapse in Dhakka with over a thousand deaths. The calamity reminded bargain-hunting [...]

Government Must Stop Favoring Banks Over Homeowners

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

The crisis of foreclosure and lost wealth is not over. Every three months, 250,000 new families enter the foreclosure process. According to a May 2013 report of the Congressional Budget Office [...]

Corporate and Law Enforcement Spying on Environmentalists

By Adam Federman, -

Since the group had never engaged in any kind of illegal activity or particularly radical forms of protest, it came as a shock when GDAC members learned that their organization had been featured [...]

Fast Food Workers Striking in Seattle

By Josh Eidelson, -

Seattle becomes the sevenths city where low-wage fast food workers are walking out for better working conditions. Like recent fast food strikers in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and [...]

Thoreau’s Radicalism and the Fight Against the Fossil-Fuel Industry

By Wen Stephensen, -

On a clear and seasonably cold Sunday morning in March, I made my way through the streets of an old neighborhood in Worcester, Massachusetts, and entered a large, converted brick building from [...]