ANNOUNCING: Action Campaign to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership is an action campaign to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We invite you to join us. In order to stop the TPP we need to act quickly and in solidarity with people in other [...]

US Needs Free College and Vocational Education

By Asher Platts, -

The info graphic in this post shows the difference between Nordic countries where post high school education is free and students receive a stipend, compare to the United States where tuition is [...]

‘The Biggest Protest In Egypt’s History’

By Staff, -

The people of Egypt are out in full force today to protest against President Mohamed Morsi, whom many believe has lost his legitimacy after becoming the country's first democratically elected [...]

Assange: Rebukes Kerry & Biden, Praises Manning & Snowden

By Staff, -

Appearing exclusively on ABC's This Week on Sunday morning, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange discussed his and NSA leaker Edward Snowden's respective asylum situations, as well as the United [...]

Fearless Summer: Powerful Start 6 Days 18 States 28 Actions.

By Staff, -

We have been urging people to get involved with Fearless Summer since it was first announced. We love the solidarity shown by multiple groups across the country concerned about extreme [...]

Fearless Summer Brings a Storm to the Finger Lakes

By Staff, -

A Storm is Brewing in the Finger Lakes. Yesterday, over 60 people with the Finger Lakes Action Network converged on the Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing, New York to demand the permeant retirement [...]

Fearless Summer: Protests in Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon

By Staff, -

Across the North West last week, people took action against coal exports and plans to turn the Pacific Northwest into a dirty energy super corridor! On Tuesday, Montanans rallied at the County [...]

NSA Can Store 1 Billion Calls a Day & Listen to Them

By Staff, -

The NSA has a “brand new” technology that enables one billion cell phone calls a day to be redirected into its data hoards and stored, according to the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, who said that a [...]

Photo Gallery: Drone Killer Protest at CIA Headquarters

By Staff, -

Photo gallery of protest against CIA's killer drone program. Fifty people protested killer drones at the main gate of the CIA in Virginia on Saturday, June 29, 2013, and six individuals were [...]

Europe Angry, Organizing Against US Spying

By Ben Deighton and Annika Breidthardt, -

The European Union has demanded that the United States explain a report in a German magazine that Washington is spying on the group, using unusually strong language to confront its closest [...]

Video: Starving for Justice

By Staff, -

The victims in Guantanamo Bay are prisoners who are indefinitely detained, tortured & have been on hunger strike since February 6 2013. Human rights groups and individuals around the world [...]

Democracy Is Busting Down the Doors of State Capitols Across the Country

By By Dave Johnson, -

From the Texas filibuster to Pennsylvania's low-wager-worker sleep-in, citizens are rising up. What's happening in your state? Madison. Occupy… Now in North Carolina it’s Moral Mondays. In Texas [...]

Another Whistleblower? Did Obama’s Favorite General Betray Him?

By Fred Kaplan, -

Cartwright a surprise whistleblower because four-star generals, active or retired, aren't the usual targets of such probes. This is especially so of a general like Cartwright, who, from 2007-11, [...]

Mass Protest, Not a Speech, Is Needed to Address Climate Change

By Chris Williams, -

It is hard to take President Obama seriously when that person has presided over the biggest expansion of the security state in U.S. history and relentlessly pursued government whistleblowers with [...]

Impunity Inc: Reflections on the “Super Rights” and “Super Powers” of Corporate Capital

By Observatory On Debt in Globalisation and TransNational Institute, -

“We are faced by a direct confrontation between the large transnational corporations and the states. The corporations are interfering in the fundamental political, economic and military decisions [...]