Vancouver Protests Russia’s Anti-Gay Legislation

By Brian Platt, -

There has been considerable debate among activists over how to protest the Russian actions most effectively. Aug. 3 has been declared an international day of protest over the Russian laws, and [...]

Cornel West, Chris Hedges To Speak Out For Whistleblower Bradley Manning

BY Staff, -

Sunday, August 4, 2013, from 3 to 5:30 PM for a matinee discussion and trial update for Bradley Manning. Widely renowned scholar Dr. Cornel West and former New York Times war correspondent Chris [...]

Bradley Manning Protest In DC Night Of The Verdict

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A group of Bradley Manning supporters gathered in Dupont Circle Tuesday night to protest the conviction of the Army Private. Manning was found not guilty of the most serious charge of aiding the [...]

XKeyscore: NSA Tool Collects ‘Nearly Everything A User Does On The Internet

By Glenn Greenwald, -

A top secret National Security Agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions [...]

Mediators, Medical Professionals On Behalf Of Hunger Striking Prisoners

By Staff, -

Leading expert on prison health issues, Dr. Terry Kupers, signed on to the statement, adding, “The prisoners on hunger strike are making a courageous effort to speak up for their humanity and [...]

Bradley Manning Is A Prisoner of Conscience

By Chip Gibbons, -

One of the most disgraceful elements of the corporate media’s campaign against whistleblower Bradley Manning has been the constant attempts at character assassination. The corporate media, when [...]

Workers Play A Big Role In These Global ‘Middle-Class’ Revolutions

By Richard Seymour, -

South Africa's rebellion against police brutality is driven by a labour movement whose members were gunned down by police in the worst massacre since Sharpeville. In Egypt, no revolution was [...]

Occupy The SEC Keeps The Pressure On Banking Regulation

By Staff, -

This Occupy The SEC Bulletin contains an update on what Occupy the SEC ( has been up to since February 2013, and what you can do to get involved. We recently submitted an [...]

Three States Dump Major Private Prison Corporation In One Month

By Aviva Shen, -

State lawmakers who embraced private prisons as a cost-cutting measure are starting to have trouble ignoring their abysmal conditions. Corrections Corporation of America, the largest and most [...]

VIDEO: Pharma Giant Pfizer To Profit From TPP

By The Naked Emperor, -

But Pfizer giant want more. It’s not enough to have a revolving door between the industry and regulators, or that tax payers already pay for 80% of big pharma’s basic research, or that they enjoy [...]

Manning Trial And Verdict Expose Empire

By Jeremy Zentner, -

You know, they’ve done their best in the military to keep Manning’s story out of the media and they’ve been very intimidating at the media. Just the first day of closing argument the media room [...]

Radical Politics Means Party-Building

By John Halle, -

This raises a more general point which needs to be better understood and that is that the grassroots base of the Democratic Party is in an advanced state of decay. This is attributable, in part, [...]

Rules for Recording Cops and other Authority Figures

By Carlos Miller, -

The First Amendment guarantees us all Freedom of the Press, meaning we have as much as right to to report on and disseminate the news as professional journalists, even if we’ve never set foot in [...]

Lynne Stewart Appeal For Compassionate Release TODAY

By Staff, -

Attorney Lynne Stewart's appeal for compassionate release will be heard TODAY by Judge Koeltl. Please come to the courthouse in New York City to show support for long time advocate for the [...]

Video: Madison Protesters Continue To Fight For Freedom To Assemble

By Steve Bray, -

Madison Solidarity Sing-A-Long, 30 arrested keep singing while arrested. Every weekday since March 11, 2011 people come together in the Wisconsin State Capital to fight for our democracy through [...]