December 1, Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

By Staff, -

Annual Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Event- Ceremony and Reenactment 11-30-13 Providence RI- TOMORROW at 12:30PM, the Rosa Parks Coalition and and Peoples Assembly remember the day in 1955 that [...]

Occupy and Community Organizing

By Bob Crego, -

There is a new Occupy initiative called Occupy - Grassroots (OCGR). Occupy and specifically Occupy Grassroots (OCGR) is part of an organic movement of "people of good will" uniting to impact our [...]

Troubled Youth Prison Company Wins Even More Contracts

By Chris Kirkham, -

Despite voluminous evidence that inmates have suffered violence, sexual abuse and neglect inside the facilities of a private juvenile prison operator, the state of Florida has in recent weeks [...]

Protest Arts: Puppets To The People!

By Puppeteers, -

We are the People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street, a collective of artists, musicians, and performers who have come together to use the potent and exhilarating vehicle of radical puppetry, by the [...]

Israeli Police Attack Large Anti-Prawer Protests In Haifa

By Staff, -

Hundreds of protestors participated in a large demonstration in Haifa on Saturday against the Prawer Plan as part of a global "Day of Rage." Many protesters were detained as Israeli police [...]

Honduran Election Results Contested By International Observers

By Kevin Edmonds, -

These elections were regarded as pivotal for Honduras, as the administration of the ruling National Party has done little to combat the country’s poverty rate which stands at over 60 percent. [...]

Tear Gas, Stones, Clashes In Cairo Amid New Anti-Protest Law

By Staff, -

Police fired tear gas and used batons to beat back stone throwing protesters in Cairo on Saturday, as Egypt's constitutional panel began voting on a new constitution's final draft, amid fears [...]

The Mightiest Nation

By Arthur Hoppe, -

Once upon a time there was a country that was very small and, on the whole, very good. Its citizens were proud and independent and self-reliant and generally prosperous. They believed in [...]

Mike Roselle Arrested For Asking Governor To Test Coal Dust

By Cat Dees, -

Mike was in his 6th day of a hunger strike and vigil at the WV State Capitol. After repeated attempts to deliver these jars of dust at the Capitol, Mike hand delivered it to the Governors’ [...]

Documentary Gezi Park Chat With Filmmaker And Protesters

By Staff, -

Tonight at 5pm eastern is 12am in Turkey. Come in & CHAT w/protestors & filmmaker @GeziDoc … The Gezi Park protests which began on May 28th, [...]

Sailing Winds Of Freedom With Kids From Gaza

By Mahfouz Kabariti, -

The effects of the blockade on children in Gaza will be described by speakers representing different civil society organizations in Gaza. This mini-Ark action focuses attention to the devastating [...]

Masked RCMP Continue To Enforce Violation Of Treaties

The RCMP turned out in full force again friday to protect SWN Resources corporate interests, stopping traffic on Highway 11 near Rexton due to the ongoing anti-shale gas protest. One person [...]

Pack The Courtroom For The NATO 3 On Monday, Dec. 2

By Nato 5 Support, -

The arrest and continued prosecution of the NATO 3 is a gross example of political repression, meant to be a message directed at anyone who protests the U.S. Government’s agenda of austerity and [...]

Monsanto Hires PR Firm To Fool Public, Combat “Most Hated”

By Jenny Hopkinson, -

Monsanto is the agriculture world’s prince of darkness, spreading its demonic genetically modified seeds on fields all over the earth. Or at least that’s the case if you believe the likes of HBO [...]

The Prawer Plan: Ethnic Cleansing In The Negev

By the Institute for Middle East Understanding, -

In 2011, Yaron Ben Ezra, the director of the settlement division of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) stated that the purpose of building new Jewish communities in the Negev is "to prevent the [...]