The Roots Of Global Revolt: The 20th Anniversary Of NAFTA & Zapitistas

By David Solnit, -

January 1 is the 20th anniversary of the enactment of NAFTA and the beginning of the Zapatista movement in Mexico. One year later on January 1 1995, the WTO took effect. In this article, David [...]

2014: The Year Of Living Consciously

By Murray Dobbin, -

The truth is that we are all woefully ill-equipped to deal with the multiple crises that are bearing down on us. (A friend of mine is so alarmed that during an evening of political small talk he [...]

The Plight Of US Workers

By John Bellamy Foster, -

In the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis, and the rise of the Tea Party as a right-wing adjunct to the Republican Party, the assault on workers intensified still further. A report by the [...]

Julian Assange Calls On Hackers To Unite Against NSA Surveillance

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed a major gathering of computer experts Monday at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany, calling on them to join forces in resisting [...]

Intentional Deception: Corruption Of Economists

By Dean Baker, -

Most of us are willing to believe the direct opposite of what we can see with our own eyes because we accept the analysis of the solar system developed by astronomers through many centuries of [...]

International Union Works To Undermine Local In Boeing Re-Vote

By Carl Finamore, -

Everyone expected Boeing would turn up the heat by threatening economic catastrophe for the Puget Sound area and thousands of lost jobs but these unionists were blindsided from a most unexpected [...]

Make NYC Ungovernable: Lesson For Age Of deBlasio

By Arun Gupta, -

One lesson is to keep up the street heat. After being elected in 2008, Obama ditched progressive rhetoric for austerity policies: protecting banks, dithering on the home foreclosure crisis, [...]

Stratfor Monitors and Studies Social Movements

By Kevin Zeese, -

The Corporate and Security State Recognizes Movements Are a Threat to the Power Structure Stratfor is a private intelligence agency that works for business interests and government. It tracks [...]

5 Overlooked Activist Victories In 2013

By Editors, -

In February, Filipino President Benigno Aquino III — whose father was assassinated by the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1983 — signed a law that will take more than $220 million from [...]

Activists Play Dead For Disclosure Of Drone Deaths

By Mario Moretto, -

Passers-by Monday on Middle Street looked toward the ground, where a handful of protesters lay motionless, covered in sheets that looked bloodied. They covered their faces with placards that bore [...]

Guantanamo Captives Freed After 12 Years Imprisoned Without Charge

By Sarah Lazare, -

They were held for 12 years without charges, subject to torturous interrogation methods, and ordered to be released by a U.S. federal judge in 2008. Yet, it was not until the final days of [...]

“Middle Class” Myth: Why Wages Are So Low Today

By Edward McClelland, -

So why did Rob Stanley, an unskilled high school graduate, live so much better than someone with similar qualifications could even dream of today? Because the workers at Interlake Steel were [...]

Video: Carter Camp – His Legacy Lives On, Honor It

By Crystal Zevon, -

Crystal Zevon of Searching for Occupy had the honor of meeting Carter Camp during her tour of the US earlier this year. She writes: "I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet Carter Camp [...]

“Rise Up And Defend Your Home”: An Interview With Scott Parkin

By Sanderz, -

Mountaintop removal mining, Coal export, Natural Gas Fracking, Tar sands and the KeystoneXL pipeline are just a few examples of the fossil fuel threats to our climate and to local communities who [...]

Capitalism, Ecology And The Official Invisibility Of Women

By Chris Williams, -

When it comes to the world economy, what you "see" is not usually what you get - especially when it comes to gender. Capitalism has fueled a world in which women are rendered invisible and [...]