Something Else To Worry About With Fracking

By Ellen Cantarow, -

Carl Weimer, executive director of Pipeline Safety Trust, a non-profit watchdog organization, says that, on average, there is “a significant incident -- somewhere -- about every other day. And [...]

Idle No More — The Movement And The Music

By Ariana Miller, -

Idle No More began as a series of teach-ins protesting legislation that would erode indigenous sovereignty. To support the movement, many tribal members within the United States have also held [...]

Three Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands Found Guilty

By Staff, -

The trial of peaceful activists from Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) ended today with the jury finding Vicci Hamlin, Lisa Leggio, and Barb Carter guilty of both charges brought [...]

State Department KXL Report: Now Up To Obama Reject Pipeline

By Staff, -

“The State Department’s review, written by Big Oil’s cronies, presents a fatalistic view of a future devastated by extreme and catastrophic climate change. But we, and millions of Americans, know [...]

Defense Puts Government On Trial In NATO 3 Case

By Kevin Gosztola, -

Prosecutors from the state of Illinois are deeply bothered by defense attorneys’ focus on police conduct in the criminal investigation into the “NATO 3″ and the surveillance operation conducted [...]

U.S. Spied On Negotiators At 2009 Climate Summit

By Kate Sheppard and Ryan Grim, -

The National Security Agency monitored the communications of other governments ahead of and during the 2009 United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, according to the latest [...]

Grand Jury Resistor, Lang Student Jerry Koch Released

By Shawn Carrié, -

In the brisk January air, Lang student Gerald “Jerry” Koch ran out into the cold, wearing prison sweats and cotton slippers, to his attorney’s office, just after calling his mother to tell her he [...]

Where Is Labor’s Opposition To Cuts In Food Stamps, Unemployment?

By Labor Fightback, -

On January 29, by a 251-166 margin, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to cut food stamp funding by $8.6 billion over a 10-year period. 89 Democrats joined 162 Republicans to bring about [...]

In Raucous Senate Hearing, Clapper Tells Snowden To Return Documents

By Spencer Ackerman, -

James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, has issued a blistering condemnation of Edward Snowden, calling the surveillance disclosures published by the Guardian and other news outlets [...]

Is Syrian “Peace” Conference Laying the Foundation for War?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

The Geneva II conference which claims to be seeking to end the war in Syria seems designed to fail and instead to provide an excuse for military intervention by the United States and its allies. [...]

Bipartisan Opposition To Fast Tracking TPP, ‘Obamatrade’

By Cole Stangler, -

“The President said, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it,” says Curtis Ellis of the American Jobs Alliance, a small conservative group based in Virginia that opposes the [...]

Occupy Monsanto: 11 Arrested As GMO Labeling Resolution Fails

By Staff, -

The arrests happened shortly after the shareholders failed to pass two resolutions that would have changed Monsanto's policies on its Genetically Modified Organism products. Protesters say [...]

Green Shadow Cabinet Responds To State Of The Union

It is astounding how much clear thinking you can find on the Internet criticizing President Obama's State of the Union address. It seems less people are fooled and more people are speaking out [...]

‘Last Kiss’ Graffiti Artist Busted Again

By Bob Fredericks and Kirstan Conley, -

Russell Murphy – who was once famously photographed kissing his gal pal while the pair were handcuffed following an earlier graffiti bust – was nabbed shortly after 1 a.m. in the East Village. [...]

NY Jews To de Blasio: ‘AIPAC Does Not Speak For Us’

By Adam Horowitz, -

We are Jewish residents of New York who read, in the leaked transcript of your private speech to a meeting of AIPAC leaders, the following: “City Hall will always be open to AIPAC. When you [...]