How To Take On Comcast In Your Neighborhood

By Christopher, -

While Comcast focuses on increasing its market power rather than improving services in the communities it monopolizes, no one should be surprised that we are seeing a surge in interest for [...]

Obama Administration Makes Case For Killing Another American

By Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, -

Shami, a militant who American officials say is living in the barren mountains of northwestern Pakistan, is at the center of a debate inside the government over whether President Obama should [...]

It’s Not Artists, and Musicians Gentrifying Neighborhoods

By Anthony Galluzzo, -

Even as the New York Times and its ilk now use hipster-bashing to delegitimize the new political awareness among the same un- and underemployed twenty- and thirty-somethings — previously taken to [...]

Landslide Vote In European Union Condemning U.S. Drone Use

By Justin King, -

European Union Members of Parliament condemned the use of drones in targeted killings in a vote of 534 to 49. The vote proposing a ban referred to the drone strikes as “unlawful.” The United [...]

Political Prisoner Released From Solitary Confinement

By Bret Grote, -

Maroon’s son, Russell Shoatz III, said, “We are very excited that this day has finally come. My father being released from solitary confinement is proof of the power of people organizing against [...]

Isabel Allende Set To Become Chile’s First Female Senate Leader

By Staff, -

Chilean Socialist senator, Isabel Allende, the daughter of toppled former president Salvador Allende, was appointed head of the Chilean senate on Thursday, making her the first woman to occupy [...]

Powering The Whole World And Slowing Hurricanes

By Mark Fischetti, -

Hurricanes are unstoppable, right? Apparently not. An intriguing new computer simulation shows that 78,000 large wind turbines spread across 35,000 square kilometers of ocean outside of New [...]

Resisting the Neoliberal Revolution: Challenge The System

By Henry Giroux, -

What we have in the US today is fundamentally a new mode of politics, one wedded to a notion of “power unaccompanied by accountability of any kind,” and this poses a deep and dire threat to [...]

The Untold Story Of The Ukrainian Revolution

By Natalia Karbowska, -

The revolution owes a lot to the women’s movement. In the early months, Ukrainians outside Kiev thought the resistance was confined to the capital city. It was women’s rights organizations in [...]

Movie: Parents In The Occupy Wall Street Movement

By Staff, -

“Parents of the Revolution” is a feature length documentary that follows a group of activist parents in the Occupy Wall Street movement who believe that it’s their democratic duty to teach their [...]

Report: Israel Killing Palestinians With Impunity

By Phil Weiss with Annie Robbins, -

Amnesty International's publication of this report coincides with the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference, which runs from March 2 to 4 in Washington, DC, [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – This Movement Needs You

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

There is something for everyone to do in this movement for social, economic and environmental justice. Here are three opportunities. We hope that if you are not already plugged in, that you may [...]

New Forms Arising To Remake Society In More Inclusive Way

By Felix Stalder, -

Over the last two decades, the Internet has been a laboratory for social innovation. One of the most unexpected collective discoveries has been the existence of another mode of organization to [...]

Occupy Radio: The Power Of Song In Protest

By Rivera Sun, -

When Pete Seeger died, a sense of the impermanence of life increased my urge to ask Ysaye Maria Barnwell, a Grammy Award winning, 34 year member of Sweet Honey in the Rock, to speak on Occupy [...]

Racism On College Campuses An Issue In ‘Post-Racial’ Society

The scene at the undergraduate library one night last week was quite different, as hundreds of students and faculty members gathered for a 12-hour “speak out” to address racial tensions brought [...]