Drone Strikers Say Government Unfairly Denies Them Jury Trials

By Denny Walsh and Sam Stanton, www.sacbee.com -

At least 18 have been arrested for trespassing since Oct. 30, 2012, some more than once. One was an 88-year-old Lutheran minister, arrested nearly three weeks ago on Ash Wednesday, who was also a [...]

Beware Venezuela’s ‘False Anarchists’

By George Ciccariello-Maher, www.roarmag.org -

Not everyone who calls themselves anarchists are worthy of the name. Before expressing our solidarity, we should be clear who it is we are supporting. When it comes to the Venezuelan protests [...]

Churches And Unions Join To Organize In Mississippi

By Alana Semuels, www.latimes.com -

As his voice rings out, blessing the community and the oppressed, the congregation affirming each line, he names a new group that he says deserves God's attention. "We pray for the employees [...]

Rosebud Sioux Set Up Camp To Stop Pipeline

By Joe O'Sullivan, www.rapidcityjournal.com -

A new front in the battle against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is opening up for tribes and others in South Dakota in a rural area near Mission. A group sanctioned by the Rosebud Sioux [...]

We Are Radicals at Heart: A New History Gets America Wrong

By Harvey J. Kaye, www.thedailybeast.com -

Coming to America in late 1774, already approaching 40, Paine not only had all the makings of a radical. He also carried within him the idea of the “rights of the freeborn Briton”—an idea [...]

Managing Disorder: Towards A Global State Of Control?

It’s not just right-wing or military regimes that are leading the assault on hard-fought popular freedoms. In Brazil, the ruling Workers’ Party announced this week that it would send the army [...]

Cesar Chavez Comes to Life In Film About California’s Heroic Labor Leader

By Matt Carter, www.occupy.com -

one Mexican actor-turned-director has made Chavez’s life the subject of a new film – opening in theaters across America this Friday, March 28 – which, for him, was both a cause to educate himself [...]

‘Disobedience 2014’: Mass Protest To End Austerity In Spain

By Staff, www.rt.com -

Thousands gathered in the center of Barcelona in an event the organizers dubbed “Disobedience 2014”in protest of government austerity measures. The protesters marched under a large banner [...]

Access To Affordable, Healthy Food In Canada’s North Nears Crisis

By Benjamin Shingler, www.america.aljazeera.com -

"Evidence from a variety of sources concludes that food insecurity among northern aboriginal peoples is a problem that requires urgent attention to address and mitigate the serious impacts it has [...]

One-Third Of Texas Running On Wind Power

By Brian Merchant, www.motherboard.vice.com -

On Wednesday, March 27th, the largest state in the contiguous United States got almost one-third of its electricity by harnessing the wind. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, [...]

Which Is The Greater Threat To Privacy Google Or Facebook?

By Sam Biddle, www.valleywag.gawker.com -

You wake up from a Google alarm on your Google phone. The air is Google-cool from your Google thermostat. Your Google car drives you to work at a company that uses Google software. You smile at [...]

Protest Rains Thousands Of Bills In Guggenheim

By Mostafa Heddaya, www.hyperallergic.com -

A handheld bell sounded in the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, signaling the second protest action in as many months from the Global Ultra Luxury Faction, or G.U.L.F. The ringing [...]

Why The US Is Demonizing Putin

By Tariq Ali, www.theguardian.com -

Washington knows that Ukraine has always been a delicate issue for Moscow. The ultra-nationalists who fought with the Third Reich during the second world war killed 30,000 Russian soldiers and [...]

Suffragettes No More – The Long Struggle For Women’s Equality

By Ellen Dannin, www.truth-out.org -

In many ways, life for American women in the 19th century was similar to the lives of women today under the Taliban. Women were deprived of basic rights, including access to education. Women who [...]

Vertical Farms Sprouting Up All Over The World

By Paul Marks, www.newscientist.com -

URBAN warehouses, derelict buildings and high-rises are the last places you'd expect to find the seeds of a green revolution. But from Singapore to Scranton, Pennsylvania, "vertical farms" are [...]