Cecily McMillan Leaves Prison Behind, But Won’t Forget Fellow Inmates

By Anne Meador, www.dcmediagroup.us -

McMillan’s time in Rikers may have taken a toll, but it has not broken her. She describes the many indignities there as struggles endured in solidarity with comrades, not as personal complaints. [...]

Wikileaks Cables: Ukraine Elected “Our Ukraine Insider”

By SCG News, www.readersupportednews.org -

There's not much point in staging a coup if you don't influence who is placed in power in the aftermath. Of course in order for a puppet government to be effective, they can't be perceived as [...]

Inequality Is Not Inevitable

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, www.opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com -

AN insidious trend has developed over this past third of a century. A country that experienced shared growth after World War II began to tear apart, so much so that when the Great Recession hit [...]

Why It’s Way Too Soon To Give Up On The Arab Spring

By Juan Cole, www.latimes.com -

Three and a half years ago, the world was riveted by massive crowds of youths mobilizing in Cairo's Tahrir Square to demand an end to Egypt's dreary police state. We watched transfixed as a [...]

German Protests Against The Federal Reserve And For Peace

By WeAreChange, www.youtube.com -

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Ken Jebsen a former main stream media journalist in Germany and Lars Maehrholz a skydiver that became the main organizer of the massive Monday peace vigils [...]

Protests Seek To Occupy Westminster Abbey Over Cuts To Disabled

By Huffington Post UK, www.huffingtonpost.co.uk -

Campaigners have tried to occupy the grounds of Westminster Abbey in protest against the Government's decision to axe a fund for the disabled. The move, reminsicent of the long protest [...]

Investors Beware: Enbridge Not As Safe As It Seems

By Franklin Cameron, www.bnn.ca -

For many investors looking for a safe and steady income, dividend-paying Canadian pipeline companies have been a natural choice. And with a yield of almost 3 percent, Enbridge (ENB.TO 50.66 0.06 [...]

Enbridge Pipeline Symposium Fails To Convince Audience

By Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands, www.michigancats.org -

Last Tuesday evening, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, an environmental advocacy organization in Northern Michigan, hosted representatives from Enbridge, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials [...]

Baltimore Police Department Struggles With Truth & Justice

By Robert Brune, www.dcmediagroup.us -

Baltimore Police Chief Batts has taken up the task of swaying public opinion of the city’s law enforcement. This past Wednesday on June 25th, Chief Batts along with his top brass participated in [...]

Will Detroit’s Water Be Privatized Or Recognized As Commons?

By Halima Cassells, www.shareable.net -

When it comes to a person’s fundamental needs being met - nothing is more basic and human, than to share. Right now the people of Detroit are being attacked by an unelected regime that [...]

Unitarians Vote To Divest From Carbon Fuels

By Unitarian Universalist Association, www.uua.org -

Delegates at the 2014 General Assembly (GA) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) meeting in Providence, RI, today passed a resolution calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies [...]

The Fight To Ban Gold Mining And Save El Salvador’s Water Supply

By Julia Paley, www.fpif.org -

“For us, the mine is death.” Those words, spoken by the president of a rural grassroots organization, capture the intensity and urgency of the struggle against mining in El Salvador. Mining [...]

FCC Internet Proposal: The Contemporary Pillage Of The Commons

By Rivera Sun, www.truth-out.org -

Seething below the surface of citizens' outrage at the FCC proposal to create a tiered, pay-to-play internet structure lays a story people know so well, it could be encoded in our DNA. The [...]

Japanese Man Self-Immolates In Pro-Pacifist Constitution Protest

By William, www.japantrends.com -

On a weekend marked by many protests against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial collective self-defense law changes. At around 1-2pm a man sat on the girders above a pedestrian footpath [...]

Nevada Students Protest Outrageous Clinton Speaking Fee

By Tim Devaney, www.thehill.com -

Hillary Clinton is in hot water over a $225,000 speaking fee she will reportedly receive for an upcoming appearance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. UNLV students are demanding Clinton [...]