Breaking: Ferguson Protesters Occupy SLPD Headquarters

By Staff, -

In response to this dispatch, we intend to evict injustice and blight, by occupying St. Louis Police headquarters on December 31st, 2014, at 11am. The decision to reclaim our police department is [...]

Understanding The Racial Bias You Didn’t Know You Had

By Jenée Desmond-Harris, -

Implicit racial bias tends to work against the same groups that are the victims of the type of overt racism that you hear from white supremacists or the more subtle bigotry of people who believe [...]

Gandhi’s Strategy: (1) Noncooperation & (2) Constructive Program

By Brian Willson, -

To Gandhi, noncooperation was the nonviolent counterpart of guerrilla war while the constructive program was the counterpart of a parallel society from below similar to parallel hierarchies [...]

Tips For Building A Mass Popular Movement

By Nicole Carty, -

In the years since the demise of Occupy I’ve studied, retreated, questioned, all to try to gain insight into what went wrong. What could have made the movement, the organizing space more [...]

What We Can Learn From Ella Baker In A Post-Ferguson Era

By Peter Dreier, -

Baker would surely be impressed by the current wave of protest against racial justice. She would also urge the activists to make sure they transform their outrage into an ongoing movement that [...]

Grassroots Message Against Police Violence, & All Violence, Stands Firm

By Heidi Boghosian, -

Our movements are nonviolent, and are not to blame for the killing of Officers Liu and Ramos. The peaceful demonstrations and direct actions carried out by tens of thousands of people of all [...]

Attention Turns To Fracking’s Impact On Air Quality

By Lisa Song, -

Fracking's impacts on air quality took the spotlight this year, fueled by new research and broad media coverage. The modern shale boom has created a massive influx of oil-and-gas wells, [...]

These Folks Feed Their Family With Garden In Their Swimming Pool

By Sara Bernard, -

When Dennis and Danielle McClung bought a foreclosed home in Mesa, Ariz., in 2009, their new yard featured a broken, empty swimming pool. Instead of spending a small fortune to repair and fill [...]

Top Climate Movement Victories Of 2014

By Ted Glick, -

There is a lot to feel good about as far as the U.S. climate movement and what we accomplished in 2014. Without question, we are heading into 2015 with some wind at our back and, to continue the [...]

Despite Ban, Monsanto & Bayer GM Crops Contaminate Europe

By Christina Sarich, -

Europe banned the cultivation of GM rapeseed, but new studies prove that genetically modified Brassica napus L. is growing all over Switzerland. This is likely the first study of its kind to [...]

The Prison State Of America

By Chris Hedges, -

Our prison-industrial complex, which holds 2.3 million prisoners, or 25 percent of the world’s prison population, makes money by keeping prisons full. It demands bodies, regardless of color, [...]

As New York Bans Fracking, Calls For Moratorium In PA Grow Stronger

By Sharon Kelly, -

For the past several years, Pennsylvania has had a history of lax regulation of the shale rush and its impacts on drinking water. For example, in 2011, the state made national headlines for [...]

Police Chief Explains Why He’s Not Arresting Protesters

By Steve Anderson, -

As imperfect humans, we have a tendency to limit our association with other persons to those persons who are most like us. Unfortunately, there is even more of a human tendency to stay within [...]

Cops Who Turned Their Backs On de Blasio Should Resign

By John Tarleton, -

Rank-and-file cops are upset with a moderately liberal mayor who has failed to offer unconditional support for the most savage acts of police brutality such as the chokehold death of Eric Garner. [...]

Alumni Of Elite Israeli High School Call For Army Draft Refusal

By Maureen Clare Murphy, -

Dozens of alumni and former staff members of an elite Jerusalem high school have stated their refusal to serve in the Israeli military, and call on future graduates of the Israel Arts and [...]