Corporation Literally Served Inmates Trash

By Carimah Townes, -

Two weeks ago Progress Michigan uncovered emails revealing that a prison food provider served cakes nibbled on by rats to inmates. They’ve now discovered that employees from this same food [...]

Honduras: Assassination Of Student Leaders Prompts Protests

By TeleSur, -

Soad Ham, a 13-year-old student leader of the Central Institute of Tegucigalpa who participated in the student protests against the Honduran government in the last two weeks, was found tortured [...]

Teachers: How PARRC Testing Affects Our Classrooms

By Valerie Strauss, -

We are teachers at Barbieri Elementary School who want to make clear what is happening in your children’s classrooms as a result of decisions made in offices far away. This year, 3rd-8th [...]

Fractivists Bust Up Aquifer Exemption Workshop

By Lauren Steiner, -

We were twenty minutes into one of the most boring Power Point presentations I have ever seen. While we looked at “shaded areas of cross-sections of multiple productive zones of oil fields,” the [...]

Resisting The Criminalization Of Homeless Lives

By David Roddy, -

Since December 9, 2014, over 100 of Sacramento’s poor and homeless have lined up every Tuesday for a free organic meal outside the doors of City Hall hosted by the Community Dinner Project, [...]

After Talking To Washington Post Minimum Wage Worker Fired

By Chico Harlan, -

Shanna Tippen was another hourly worker at the bottom of the nation’s economy, looking forward to a 25-cent bump in the Arkansas minimum wage that would make it easier for her to buy diapers for [...]

Thousands Protest Austerity In Brussels

By TeleSur, -

Tens of thousands demonstrated in the streets of Brussels Sunday to protest against austerity measures introduced by the new Belgian government. ​Officials estimated the crowds at 20,000, while [...]

No One Is Free Until All Are Free

By Chris Hedges, -

The scourge of male violence against women will not end if we dismantle the forces of global capitalism. The scourge of male violence exists independently of capitalism, empire and colonialism. [...]

Black America’s State Of Surveillance

By Malkia Amala Cyril, -

Ten years ago, on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, my mother, a former Black Panther, died from complications of sickle cell anemia. Weeks before she died, the FBI came knocking at our door, [...]

Councilman Arrested At Occupy Donates Settlement Cash

By Rose Barkan, -

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, a Manhattan Democrat who sued the city after he was roughed up by cops at the Occupy Wall Street protests, said today he’ll donate his $30,000 settlement to the [...]

Digital Rights Activists Use Jumbotron To Pressure Wyden

By Annie Ellison, -

Fight for the Future parked a truck adorned with a Jumbotron on Capitol Hill for an impromptu “film festival” as part of the group’s ongoing campaign to pressure Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to drop [...]

NLG Students To Hold ‘Black Lives Matter’ Day Of Action

By National Lawyers Guild, -

On Thursday, April 2, two days before the 47thanniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., National Lawyers Guild (NLG) students and faculty will hold aday of action at law [...]

C.H.E. Supporters Occupy Cafe In Protest

By Bruce B.Y. Lee, -

Members of the C.H.E. Cafe Collective demonstrated outside of the cafe’s premises on Tuesday, March 24 in protest of an eviction order from the administration. Members of the Collective have [...]

The Fight For $15 Is The Fight For A Livable Planet

By 350, -

Prioritizing profits is warming our planet and growing economic inequality. That’s why is supporting the Fight for 15, a new effort calling for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 per [...]

Mumia Abu-Jamal Hospitalized, Court Hears Mental Anguish Law

By TeleSur, -

The law was enacted in response to a broadcast Abu-Jamal made last year. The family of Daniel Faulkner, who was killed in 1983, claim that it distressed them. A federal judge heard an appeal [...]