Newsletter: Movements And Elections

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Popular Resistance was created to help build a broad-based movement that is informed and acts strategically to challenge the status quo. There are so many [...]

How Mass Murder At The Attica Prison Is Still Protected

By Heather Ann Thompson, -

By Heather Ann Thompson in TIME Magazine, It took more than 40 years, but Attica’s survivors and families of the deceased had finally convinced a judge to force the State of New York to release [...]

Shadowy Web Site Creates Blacklist Of Pro-Palestinian Activists

By Josh Nathan-Kazis, -

By Josh Nathan-Kazis at the Forward, A new website is publicizing the identities of pro-Palestinian student activists to prevent them from getting jobs after they graduate from college. But the [...]

Grassroots Organizing Shapes Response To Killing Of Walter Scott

By Kerry Taylor, -

By Kerry Taylor in Facing South. The city of North Charleston, South Carolina, has received strong praise for its handling of police officer Michael T. Slager's fatal shooting of 50-year-old [...]

Detroit Is Starting To Shut Off People’s Water Again

By Rob Wile, -

By Rob Wile at Fusion. The City of Detroit began shutting off water access to residents behind on payments Tuesday, with thousands at risk of losing access. According to the Detroit Free [...]

Freedom For Nestora Salgado

By Free Nestora, -

By Free Nestora, The U.S. Campaign to Free Nestora Salgado is sending a delegation, including Salgado's daughter Grisel Rodriguez, to Mexico City on May 31 in an urgent effort to win Salgado’s [...]

Taxpayers Pay Hundreds Of Millions For Police Violence & Abuse

By Nick Wing, -

By Nick Wing in Huffington Post. In November 2014, a county judgeapproved a $3 million out-of-court settlement resulting from a wrongful death lawsuit, to be paid by the city of Cleveland to the [...]

Even If Patriot Act Expires, Government Will Keep Spying

By Staff, -

By Washingtons Blog. Mass surveillance under the Patriot Act is so awful that even its author says that the NSA has gone far beyond what the Act intended (and that the intelligence chiefs who [...]

College Has Gotten 12 Times More Expensive in One Generation

By Katie Rose Quandt, -

By Katie Rose Quandt in Mother Jones. In the 2012-13 school year, first-year, on-campus tuition averaged $43,000 at four-year, private schools and $21,700 at in-state public schools. It wasn't [...]

Why Is The Military Sacred?

By Sam Smith, -

By Sam Smith in ProRevNews. On no single issue, is the media’s pretension of objectivity more regularly violated. Its true purpose in this matter is to perpetuate the myth of the sacred role of [...]

After Year Long Hunger Strike Mohamed Soltan Released In Egypt

By Staff, -

By Al Jazeera Staff. Jailed activist Mohamed Soltan, who has been on hunger strike for over a year in protest against his detention in Egypt, has been freed and sent back to his home country, the [...]

Pave Paradise, Put Up A Naval Base

By Medea Benjamin, -

By Medea Benjamin in CommonDreams. South Korea’s Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination full of spas, resorts, golf courses, sandy beaches, waterfalls and hiking trails. But if you really [...]

Hundreds March To Protest Dominion’s LNG Export Plan

By Kelly Canavan, -

By Kelly Canavan in LUSBY, MD — Approximately 200 people participated today in what is believed to be the largest march Southern Maryland has ever seen, spanning six miles [...]

Fourteen Points On World Economy As US GDP Drops .7 Percent

By Ian Welsh, -

Let me put this another way: The developed world is in depression. It has been in depression since 2007. It never left depression. Within that depression, there is still a business cycle: There [...]

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield An Illegal Cartel?

By Anna Wilde Mathews, -

Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurers cover about a third of Americans, through a national network that dates back decades. Now, antitrust lawsuits advancing in a federal court in Alabama [...]