Bree Newsome: ‘Now Is The Time For True Courage’

By Bree Newsome, -

By Bree Newsome in Blue Nation Review - As you are admiring my courage in that moment, please remember that this is not, never has been and never should be just about one woman. This action [...]

Bree Newsome Took A Stand, Will You?

By Jennifer Farmer, -

By Jennifer Farmer in Alternet - Newsome bravely scaled a pole at the South Carolina State Capitol and removed the confederate flag from state grounds. While many of us bemoaned the display of [...]

‘This Is Not A Revival’: Detroiters Reclaiming City’s Image

By Derrick Broze, -

By Derrick Broze in Mint Press News - Detroiters have always taken care of themselves, Caprice Wood told MintPress. She added: “It might be new for the younger generation but the older [...]

Dominion CEO Worried About Grassroots Social Media Organizing

By Glen Boshart, -

By Glen Boshart in We Are Cove Point - Farrell experienced firsthand the power of social media when Dominion’s Cove Point LNG export project came under heavy fire by activists, who also protested [...]

Our 18th Century Bill Of Rights Needs Revising

By Judith Blau, -

By Judith Blau in Truthout - There is no denying that the Bill of Rights was progressive at the time it was written - in 1791 - advancing civil and political (and property) rights. Along with [...]

The Lonely American

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges in Truthdig - Totalitarian societies, including our own, inundate the public with a steady stream of propaganda accompanied by mindless entertainment. They seek to destroy [...]

Washington State Youth Win In Their Climate Change Lawsuit

By Western Environment Law Center, -

By Western Environment Law Center - On Tuesday, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill issued a landmark decision in Zoe & Stella Foster v. Washington Department of Ecology, the climate [...]

Anti-Bailout Protests As Greece Rows With EU

By Sky News, -

By Sky News - Some 17,000 demonstrators have gathered on the streets of Greece to protest against the latest bailout deal - accusing its international creditors of blackmail. Many support [...]

Socialism Means Abolishing Distinction Of Bosses & Employees

By Richard D. Wolff, -

By Richard D. Wolff in Truthout - Actual large-scale socialism would thus predominantly entail worker cooperative enterprises such as these. Like the capitalist enterprises that once emerged from [...]

Scenes From Domestic Worker Organizing

By Rucha Chitnis, -

By Rucha Chitnis in ReImagine - “There is an entrenched devaluation of immigrant women workers. Domestic workers are breadwinners of their families throughout Latin America and Asia. In so many [...]

Why It’s So Hard To Regulate Fracking

By Justin Miller, -

By Justin Miller in Prospect - Without a clear mandate from the EPA, regulations at the federal level may well remain limited, though the Obama administration has made some moves to regulate [...]

Hidden Structure Of Violence: Who Benefits From Global Violence

By Marc Pilisuk and Jennifer Rountree, -

By Marc Pilisuk and Jennifer Rountree in Monthly Review - The Hidden Structure of Violence marshals vast amounts of evidence to examine the costs of direct violence, including military [...]

Progress Report: Amend The Constitution

By Reclaim The American Dream, -

By Reclaim The American Dream - Sixteen states from coast to coast have gone on record in favor of a constitutional amendment to restore the power of Congress and the states to put some limits on [...]

Zeese And Flowers: TPP Fight Is NOT Over!

Interview with Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers by Joan Brunwasser, -

Interview with Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers by Joan Brunwasser in OpEdNews - The Congress will receive it for 60 days before the Fast Track clock starts counting, then there will be [...]

Public School Cleaners Protest Underpaid Work

By John Spina and Ben Chapman, -

By John Spina and Ben Chapman in Ny Daily News - The brigade of men and women who keep the city’s schools clean are calling on Mayor de Blasio to end a two-tier system which, they say, leaves [...]