Politicians Admit The Corruption Of Government By Money

By Jon Schwarz, www.facebook.com -

By Jon Schwarz in The Intercept - One of the most embarrassing aspects of U.S. politics is politicians who deny that money has any impact on what they do. For instance, Tom Corbett, [...]

Protesters Removed From Portland Bridge

By Stuart Tomlinson, www.oregonlive.com -

By Stuart Tomlinson in Oregon Live - Just before 6 p.m. Thursday night, Shell Oil's controversial icebreaker MSV Fennica weaved through nine remaining protesters hanging from the St. Johns Bridge [...]

Year Of The Woman

By Rebecca Traister, www.highline.huffingtonpost.com -

By Rebecca Traister in Huffington Post - For only five nights in the fall of 1973, a documentary called “Year of the Woman” played at the Fifth Avenue Cinema in Greenwich Village. Crowds lined up [...]

LAPD Pressed Gun To Chest & Shot Unarmed Homeless Man

By Jeff Sharlet, www.gq.com -

By Jeff Sharlet un GQ - Five months after the March 1 Los Angeles police killing of an unarmed black man named Charly "Africa" Keunang—a story I reported in-depth for the July issue of GQ—the Los [...]

The Cost Of Failing To Comply With Structural Racism

By Zachary Norris, www.truth-out.org -

By Zachary Norris in Truth Out - As a member of Black Lives Matter Bay Area, I attended last weekend's Movement for Black Lives convening in Cleveland, Ohio, and witnessed a whole new generation [...]

Why I Will Be Fasting For No New Permits

By Greg Yost, www.beyondextremeenergy.org -

By Greg Yost in Beyond Extreme Energy - The trouble with FERC is that it is staffed and run through a revolving door with the industry it’s supposed to regulate. FERC is essentially unable to [...]

Celebrate Medicare’s Anniversary By Improving & Expanding To All

By Robert Zarr, www.pnhp.org -

By Robert Zarr in PNHP - Medicare was originally conceived as a first step toward covering everyone in our society under a national health insurance program. We need to fulfill Medicare’s [...]

Medicare’s 50th Birthday Celebrated Across Nation

By Sarah Lazare, www.commondreams.org -

By Sarah Lazare in Common Dreams - From California to Florida to Maine, communities in 25 cities across the United States are staging rallies, picnics, and flash mobs this week to celebrate [...]

Africa To Obama: Mind Your Own Business

By Andrew M Mwenda, www.aljazeera.com -

By Andrew M Mwenda in Al Jazeera - United States President Barack Obama is the most admired foreign leader in Africa because he has ancestral roots in our continent. This is partly the reason [...]

Why the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement May Ultimately Win

By Marc Gunther, www.e360.yale.edu -

That’s because the goal of the divestment campaign is not, and has never been, to do financial harm to fossil fuel companies by causing investors to sell their shares. “Divestment isn’t primarily [...]

Say Her Name: Protesters In Chicago Demand Justice For Sandra Bland

By Kelly Hayes, www.ruth-out.org -

By Kelly Hayes in Truthout - This week, from Dallas to San Diego to the Midwest, activists and community members around the United States are answering a national call to demand justice for [...]

World’s Largest Rooftop Greenhouse Coming To Chicago

By Lorraine Chow, www.ecowatch.com -

By Lorraine Chow in EcoWatch - Chicago probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of farming, but the city’s Pullman Park district will soon be home to the largest rooftop [...]

Seattle City Councilmember Blows Whistle On ALEC (&ACCE)

By Nick Licata, www.prwatch.org -

By Nick Licata in PR Watch - There was one problem in finding out—ALEC is open only to state legislators or private-interest parties, i.e. corporations or business associations. Being neither, I [...]

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Need Not Have Died

By Irene Pietropaoli, www.theguardian.com -

By Irene Pietropaoli in The Guardian - The factory was required to have a raft of permits from different bodies including a business permit from the local authority, a fire permit from the Bureau [...]