Worries Over Oil, Gas Industry Exposure To Water And Climate Risks

By Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog -

By Sharon Kelly for Truth-Out - When it comes to financial risks surrounding water, there is one industry that, according to a new report, is both among the most exposed to these risks and the [...]

6,000 Prisoners Make Their Way Home

By Amber Hall, www.thetakeaway.org -

By Amber Hall of The Takeaway - Over the next three days, 6,000 will be released from federal prisons. The decision to release the prisoners came last April from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, a [...]

Protests Are Putting A Serious Dent In Tar Sands Expansion

By Katie Valentine, www.thinkprogress.org -

By Katie Valentine for Climate Progress - All of those marches, rallies, arrests, and inflatable pipelines are working. That’s the main finding of a report released this week by pro-clean energy [...]

Buddy Bell: The China Pivot

By Staff, www.zcomm.org -

By Staff of Z Communications Daily Commentary - For the last week, I’ve been walking on a peace march organized by the Nipponzan Myohoji order of Buddhist monks. This march is similar in some [...]

What Sort Of Assessment DOES Enhance Learning?

By Anthony Cody, www.livingindialogue.com -

By Anthony Cody for Living in Dialogue - In recent weeks we have heard President Obama talk about the value of tests – even as he acknowledges that they have become too pervasive. President Obama [...]

Urban Outfitters Kills Off On-Call Scheduling Nationwide

By Sapna Maheshwari, www.buzzfeed.com -

By Sapna Maheshwari for Buzzfeed - Urban Outfitters is the latest retailer to abandon the controversial practice of on-call scheduling in its stores nationwide, just weeks after it was criticized [...]

Cafeteria Union Workers Demand Restaurant Employees Get Better Pay

By Clark Mindock, www.ibtimes.com -

By Clark Mindock of IBTimes - U.S. Senate aides brown-bagged their lunches this week in support of cafeteria workers on Capitol Hill hoping to unionize. The aides were aligning themselves with a [...]

Time To Stop Worshipping Economic Growth

By Brent Blackwelder, www.steadystate.org -

By Brent Blackwelder of Casse - There are physical limits to growth on a finite planet. In 1972, the Club of Rome issued their groundbreaking report—Limits to Growth (twelve million copies in [...]

Zeese: The War On The War On Drugs

By Eleanor Goldfield, www.occupy.com -

By Eleanor Goldfield of Act Out for Occupy.com - The interview examines howending the drug war, especially the war on marijuana, has moved from being a third rail politicial issue to having [...]

The Story Of The Seattle Race Curriculum Controversy Finally In Print

By Jon Greenberg, www.citizenshipandsocialjustice.com -

Jon Greenberg for Citizenship and Social Justice - It’s finally here: the story of the Seattle Race Curriculum Controversy in print (at least 1700 words of it, anyway). I confess that Z Magazine [...]

A Tale Of Two Retirements

By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson, www.ips-dc.org -

By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson for IPS - This report, co-published by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government, is the first to provide detailed statistics on [...]

FBI Director Admits Use Of Spy Planes Over Ferguson, Baltimore

By Tom Hall, www.WSWS.org - FBI Director James Comey admitted in testimony last week before the House Judiciary Committee that the agency conducted surveillance flights over mass protests against police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland over the past year, at the request of local police departments. Comey’s remarks confirmed an earlier Associated Press report revealing the FBI’s extensive use of secret flyovers throughout the country. -

By Tom Hall for WSWS - FBI Director James Comey admitted in testimony last week before the House Judiciary Committee that the agency conducted surveillance flights over mass protests against [...]

7 Days till Shutdown: Homeless Students Need Same Internet Access

By Staff of Voqal - When families with students enrolled at Central Pennsylvania Digital Learning Foundation can’t afford Internet access, the cyber school provides affordable solutions through [...]

To Understand Presidential Primaries, Recognize Impact Of Movements

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Mint Press News - BALTIMORE — Confusion reigns in the Democratic and Republican primaries. Huffington Post political reporters write, “It’s Time To Admit: [...]

When Bank Workers Occupy the Banks

By Michelle Chen, www.thenation.com -

By Michelle Chen for The Nation - After about eight years of seeing Main Street households get owned by Big Finance, front-line bank workers are now trying to reclaim Wall Street, branch by [...]