Boycott ExxonMobil Because #ChildrenRNot4Sale

By Staff, -

By Educating the Gates Foundation. Rex Tillerson’s CEO of Exxon) viewpoint is anti-education, anti-American, anti-human. It’s a reminder that the education debates are not about Left versus Right [...]

How A Fracking Protest Exposed Moronic Racism

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. A protest in Pennsylvania against fracking near schools organized by grandparents turned into an event the exposed how moronic racists can be. Tom [...]

What Can Be Done About Prosecutorial Misconduct?

By Staff, -

By Staff of Transformative Justice Coalition - I am sure that you were as stunned and disappointed as so many of us were by the grand jury’s non-indictment of the officers involved in the [...]

The Paris Climate Agreement: Hope Or Hype?

By Brian Tokar, -

By Brian Tokar for Popular Resistance. Clearly, it will require more than statements of ambitious climate goals to corral the overarching capitalist imperative to grow and expand, or even to rein [...]

Cops Beat Mother & Daughter Participating In BLM Protest

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, -

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee for Think Progress - A mother and daughter are suing the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, alleging that Minneapolis police officers beat them with nightsticks during ongoing [...]

Protesters Gather Outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Home, Call For Resignation

By Tony Briscoe, -

By Tony Briscoe for The Tribune - A small group of protesters gathered outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel's North Side home Tuesday, when he was expected to cut short a family vacation in Cuba so he [...]

Canada’s Lost Women

By Sarah Spiller, -

By Sarah Spiller for Aljazeera - Canada's aboriginal women make up a small fraction of its population, yet for decades they have suffered disproportionally from abuse, exploitation and murder. [...]

Crusading Former Pentagon Chief Says Nuke Danger Is Growing

By Robert Burns, -

By Robert Burns for The Associated Press - WASHINGTON (AP) -- Late in a life lived unnervingly near the nuclear abyss, William J. Perry is on a mission to warn of a "real and growing danger" of [...]

2016 Will Be The Biggest Year Yet For Marijuana Policy Reform

By Rob Kampia, -

By Rob Kampia for The Huffington Post - I don't often use superlatives, but it's easy to say that 2016 will be the most significant year yet in the battle to repeal marijuana prohibition in the [...]

Squatters Occupy Royal Mint Site To Protest Against Homelessness

By Lexi Finnigan, -

By Lexi Finnigan for The Telegraph - A group of 20 anti-capitalist squatters have taken over the former Royal Mint Building in protest over Britain's homelessness problem. The squatters, wearing [...]

17 Powerful Ways People Protested In 2015

By Katie Dupere, -

By Katie Dupere for Mashable - One of the most common types of protests is a mass gathering, complete with handmade signs calling for change. But sticking to that format can limit the imagination [...]

Break Free In 2016, Our Corporate Constitution & Panoramic Awareness

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By ELeanor Goldfield of Act Out for We're back in the swing of things just in time to send you off for 2015. After watching our Best of Paris coverage last week, get a little glimpse [...]

The Illusion Of Freedom

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - The seizure of political and economic power by corporations is unassailable. Who funds and manages our elections? Who writes our legislation and laws? Who [...]

RSF Annual Round-Up: 110 Journalists Killed In 2015

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reporters Without Borders - A total of 110 journalists were killed in connection with their work or for unclear reasons in 2015, according to the round-up published today by Reporters [...]

European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash’

By Michael Snyder, -

By Michael Snyder for The Economic Collapse - Did you know that 95 percent of all retail sales in Sweden are cashless? And did you know that the government of Denmark has a stated goal of [...]