Dear Mayor Emanuel: I Resign As Principal Of #1 Neighborhood School

By Troy LaRaviere, -

By Troy LaRaviere for Troy LaRaviere's Blog - In 2010 Chicago Magazine ranked Blaine Elementary School as the 16th best elementary school in Chicago, and the 6th best neighborhood school. After [...]

Internet Wins! EU Regulators Publish Guidelines Protecting Net Neutrality

By Staff, -

By Staff of Access Now - Brussels, Belgium – This afternoon, the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communication (BEREC) released the final version of its implementation guidelines for [...]

The Billion Dollar Ultimatum

By Chris Hamby, -

By Chris Hamby for BuzzFeed News - In a remote tropical forest in Indonesia’s Spice Islands, villagers planned their last stand. A foreign gold-mining company was preparing to gouge out a massive [...]

Romancing The Activist

By Farzana Versey, -

By Farzana Versey for Counter Punch - As a new bunch of young followers lend hashtag support and start a social media campaign in her name, the process of moving on, of forgetting begins. But she [...]

Star-Spangled Bigotry: Hidden Racist History Of National Anthem

By Jason Johnson, -

By Jason Johnson for The Root - Americans generally get a failing grade when it comes to knowing our “patriotic songs.” I know more people who can recite “America, F–k Yeah” from Team America [...]

Union Decline Lowers Wages Of Nonunion Workers

By Jake Rosenfeld, Patrick Denice, and Jennifer Laird, -

By Jake Rosenfeld, Patrick Denice, and Jennifer Laird for Economic Policy Institute - Pay for private-sector workers has barely budged over the past three and a half decades. In fact, for men in [...]

Massive Insurance Giants Call For End To Fossil Fuel Subsidies

By Karl Mathiesen, -

By Karl Mathiesen for Climate Home News - The G20 has already committed to phase out “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption” over the “medium term”. In May, the G7 [...]

‘Won’t Accept Destruction’: Global Communities Line Up To Ban Fracking

By Nadia Prupis, -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Around the world, resistance is growing to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as more and more communities line up to ban the controversial fossil fuel [...]

Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Fall Short In Ballot Efforts

By Zahra Hirji, -

By Zahra Hirji for Inside Climate News - Two anti-fracking initiatives did not get enough valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot, Colorado officials announced on Monday, giving the [...]

Dakota Access Pipeline Tribal Liaison Conflict Of Interest

By Steve Horn, -

By Steve Horn for Desmog - The Standing Rock tribe has filed a lawsuit against the U.S Army Corps of Engineers for using the controversial Nationwide Permit 12 to fast-track authorization of the [...]

After Protests, South African School Ends Anti-Afro Policy

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Government officials struck down the school’s dress codes that many complained “pandered to whiteness. A South African school was ordered Tuesday to suspend hairstyle [...]

When Boats Brought Hope To Gaza

By Ann Wright, -

By Ann Wright for Consortium News - Israel continues to cut off the 1.8 million people of Gaza from receiving relief supplies from sea, an illegal blockade that will be challenged again this year [...]

How Environmental Contamination Targets People Of Color

By Larry Buhl, -

By Larry Buhl for Desmog - With about 42,000 active wells, Kern County, California is home to three-quarters of California's oil drilling and 95 percent of the state’s hydraulic fracturing [...]

Overwhelming Evidence That A Guaranteed Income Will Work

By Paul Buchheit, -

By Paul Buchheit for Common Dreams - We'll have to do something drastically different to employ people in the future. Our jobs are disappearing. The driverless vehicle is here, destined to [...]

France Demands An End To TTIP Talks

By Sean Farrell, -

By Sean Farrell for The Guardian - France has been sceptical about TTIP from the start and has threatened to block the deal, arguing the US has offered little in return for concessions made by [...]