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November 2016

Friday: Stand In Solidarity With Corean Activists

By Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Washington, DC - Earlier this year, Popular Resistance took action in solidarity with a peace delegation from South Corea* that represents activists who are working to end the crackdown on progressive political parties and free speech, to free activists who are in prison and to end the Korean War. We demonstrated at the White House and at the Korean embassy. We learned about the May 18th Democracy Uprising in 1980 in which hundreds were killed. And we learned that the current president, Park Geun-hye, the daughter of the dictator Park Chung-hee who ruled in the 1970's, banned the Unified Progressive Party in violation of international law and has violated other rights.

Inspiration For Nonviolence: The Battle Of Seattle

By Rivera Sun for Campaign Nonviolence. On November 30th, 1999, the World Trade Organization was scheduled to conduct a summit in Seattle, WA. Due to the intervention of activists, the meetings took place amidst widespread resistance, protest, and disruption. Although the acts of property damage, violence, and the violent repression tactics of the police were widely publicized, a number of on-the-ground nonviolent activists urge us to question the narrative of violence, and dig deeper into the nonviolent side of the story. Organizer David Solnit wrote, "It was a moment when organized resistance became a genuine popular uprising, successfully shutting down the opening day of the WTO meeting, taking over the downtown core of a major American city, and contributing to the collapse of negotiations that would have increased poverty, destruction, and misery around the world."

Big Gap Between Trump’s Promises To The Middle Class And His Policies

By Josh Bivens for EPI - During his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump promised that he would take the side of American workers against economic elites when evaluating policy. Yet, the policy proposals he put forth during the campaign had nothing in them that would actually help working- and middle-class Americans. Now that more plans and potential cabinet appointments are coming into focus, it looks worse than many of us thought even before the election.

Why I Do Not Support The Women’s March On Washington

By Brittany T. Oliver for Brittany T. Oliver - My name is Brittany Oliver and I'm a women's rights activist in Baltimore, MD. As a Black woman, I am once again let down by people who call themselves feminists. I have been marginalized by the movement and now, my guard is up. Despite my posts being deleted from the national Facebook event page, I've continued to be very vocal in my disappointment in the political co-optation of the "One Million Women," now known as the "March on Washington" which is scheduled for January 21, 2017 at Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

‘Million Women March’ Protest Was Appropriating Black Activism

By Ashley Dejean for Fusion - A high-profile effort to protest president-elect Donald Trump the day after he’s inaugurated received backlash from some people of color and progressives this week. Due to Trump’s many sexist comments about women, organizers say may people independently had the idea to have a women’s march to protest the soon to be president. They joined forces on social media to form the “Million Women March.”

Salem Protesters Rally Against Pacific Connector Pipeline

By Lisa Balick for KOIN 6 News - SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Oregon State Lands building Monday afternoon to demand Gov. Kate Brown stop a pipeline project for the state. The demonstrators are angry and worried about a possible natural gas pipeline, 231 miles long crossing rivers, streams, public land and private land from Klamath Falls to Coos Bay.

Global Unions To Rally In Support Of Korean General Strike

By Staff of Indutri Global Union - Global unions BWI, IndustriALL, IUF, PSI and UNI will rally then hand deliver a letter to the South Korean mission in Geneva supporting the general strike and condemning the persecution of trade unionists in the country. The strike is being organized by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU). KCTU’s president, Han Sang-Gyun, is currently serving a five-year prison sentence for his role in organizing a people’s protest of 100,000 people in 2015.

Korean President Offers Reduced Term As General Strike Is Called

By Staff of Zoom in Korea - The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the organizers of the mass protests to oust Park Geun-hye called for a nation-wide strike on Wednesday, November 30. Over 300,000 workers of KCTU-affiliates including the Korean Metal Workers’ Union (KMWU), Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union (KPTU), Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions (KFCITU) and Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) are expected to participate in Wednesday’s general strike.

Breaking Free Of The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

By Staff of The Murphy Institute - In a new article coming out in the Fordham Urban Law Journal, Professor Michael Haber connects many of today’s most important movements—from post-Occupy community organizing to the rise of the worker co-op movement to parts of the Movement for Black Lives—by looking at how activists’ growing understanding of the non-profit industrial complex has led to the creation of a new framework for social change practice, what he calls the community counter-institution.

Trump Appointment Shows He’s Serious About Ending Obamacare

By Sarah Kliff for Vox - Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for health and human services secretary, already has a plan for how to abolish Obamacare. The Washington Post reported late Monday that Trump intends to announce Price, who currently serves as House budget chair, to lead the federal agency overseeing Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act. Price will arrive at HHS with a clear blueprint for what comes next.

Donald Trump’s New ‘Health’ Secretary Wants To Destroy Medicare

By Nancy Altman for The Huffington Post - Now that Trump is elected and no longer needs votes, it is clear that he was either lying or has become the puppet of Ryan and the rest of the Republican elite who have always hated Social Security and Medicare. In a sign that Ryan may be calling the shots, Trump has just announced that he is nominating Tom Price, one of Ryan’s top lieutenants, to be his Health and Human Services Secretary. Price succeeded Ryan as chair of the House Budget Committee in January of 2016, and immediately put Social Security in his cross hairs.

North Dakota Governor Orders Pipeline Protesters Expelled

By Terray Sylvester for Reuters - North Dakota's governor ordered the expulsion of thousands of Native American and environmental activists camped on federal property near an oil pipeline project they are trying to halt, citing hazards posed by harsh weather as a blizzard bore down on the area. The "emergency evacuation" order from Governor Jack Dalrymple came days after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the site, set a Dec. 5 deadline for the demonstrators to vacate their encampment, about 45 miles (72 km) south of Bismarck, the state capital.

Workers Strike Back From Boston To Chicago

By Fight for Fifteen. NATIONWIDE – Strikes by baggage handlers and cabin cleaners at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Uber drivers in two-dozen cities, hospital workers in Pittsburgh and McDonald’s and other fast-food cooks and cashiers from coast to coast, combined with mass civil disobedience by working Americans across the service economy, will headline a nationwide Fight for $15 day of disruption Tuesday. In addition to the strikes demanding $15 and union rights, the workers will wage their most disruptive protests yet to show they will not back down in the face of newly-elected politicians and newly-empowered corporate special interests who threaten an extremist agenda to move the country to the right. The protests, at 20 major airports, which serve 2 million passengers a day, and outside McDonald’s restaurants from Durham to Denver, will underscore that any efforts to block wage increases, gut workers’ rights or healthcare, deport immigrants, or support racism or racist policies, will be met with unrelenting opposition by workers in the Fight for $15.

Twelve Ideas Post-Election from Front Line Organizers

By Bill Quigley for Popular Resistance - When you find yourself in a suddenly darkened room, what do you do? Some rush blindly to where they think the door might be. Others stand still, let their eyes get adjusted to the different environment, re-orient themselves, then cautiously and sensitively, move forward. Some search out people who might be able to show the way. Post-election, a lot of people are re-assessing and searching for the best way forward.

Is The United States Ready For A Municipalist Movement In Trump Era

By Alexander Kolokotronis for ROAR Magazine - The mass protests across the United States in response to Donald Trump’s presidential election victory constitute a palpable and growing potential for the formation and constructive utilization of various anti-fascist fronts and coalitions. While these might be limited to protest and survival in typical Trump strongholds, the situation is markedly different in urban settings.
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