Role Of Youth In The Coming Transformation

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The eruption of youth protests over gun violence in schools and other issues is another indicator that the 2020s could be a decade of transformation where people demand economic, racial and [...]

Violence Continues in Palestine, Israel Denounced

By Staff, Al Jazeera   -

On Saturday, 49 more people were wounded in the ongoing demonstrations.  Palestinian rights group Adalah said the Israeli army on Saturday "accidentally" took responsibility for the attacks on [...]

Howard University Students In Third Day Of Occupation

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Hundreds of Howard University students are in their third day of an occupation of four floors of the administration building. They are planning Easter services on Sunday at 9:30. The occupation [...]

Protests Erupt After Stephon Clark Autopsy Contradicts Police

By Sharon Burnstein, Reuters -

About 200 demonstrators squared off with police in riot gear overnight in California’s capital and more protests are planned for Saturday, after an autopsy on Stephon Clark contradicted the [...]

Tasaheel Burnat, A Palestinian Activist On Palestinian Land Day

By Wasan Abu Baker, Popular Resistance. -

The events of the 1976 Palestinian Land Day came after the confiscation of thousands of acres of Arab land within the boundaries of populated areas under the cover of a Galilee Development [...]

County Denies Compressor Station Zoning Permit, State Seeks To Overrule

By Paul Lagasse, Maryland Independent. -

Bryans Road, Maryland - Over the course of three-and-a-half hours Wednesday evening, more than 60 people lined up to speak in opposition to the granting of a draft air quality permit to Dominion [...]

Precarious Communications: Julian Assange, Internet Access And Ecuador

By Binoy Kampmark, -

Being a netizen, to use that popular term of sociological derivation, can be a difficult business. It presumes digital engagement, often of the sharper sort.  To become a fully-fledged member of [...]

How Local Governments Can Provide Network Neutrality, Privacy, And Access For All

By Staff, -

As the Federal Communications Commission in the Trump era dismantles vital rules protecting net neutrality and users’ privacy, Americans need an internet provider that they can trust and is [...]

‘No Cop Academy’: Activists Stage Day-Long Demonstration Against Police Academy To Be Built In Chicago

By Aaron Cynic and Elizabeth King, -

The protest was the latest in a series of actions organized by a coalition of more than 50 community groups dubbed “No Cop Academy.” Youth of color in Chicago staged a day-long demonstration at [...]

What Is The Necessity Defense, And What Are Its Limits?

By Michael Mayer, -

In the early morning hours of September 2, 2014, five climate activists made their way into Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s Delta Railyard in Everett, Washington, and erected an 18-foot tripod out [...]

Change Is Coming

By Robert C. Koehler, -

The cries of loss and anguish become public, at last. A million young people seize the truth: “Half of my seventh grade class was affected by gun violence. My own brother was shot in the head. I [...]

Latin American Indigenous People Fight New Plunder Of Their Resources

By Fabiana Frayssinet, -

(IPS) – Indigenous communities in Latin America, who have suffered the plunder of their natural resources since colonial times, are reliving that phenomenon again as mega infrastructure are [...]

Israeli Army Kills 15 Palestinians In Gaza Protests

By Staff, -

The Palestinian Authority has declared Saturday a day of national mourning after 15 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces as thousands marched near Gaza's border with Israel in a major [...]

Cooperatives And The Future Of Work

By Sion Whellens, -

‘A lot of resources are going to be spent in our city. Therefore the questions is: who is going to get them? Who is going to benefit?’ says Kali Akuno, of Cooperation Jackson. The question of the [...]

Autopsy: Clark Shot Seven Times In The Back

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The killing of Stephon Clark continues to result in mass protests before and after his funeral. Anger increased as an independent autopsy showed that Clark was never facing the police when he was [...]