Supreme Court Rules Against Hopi Over Sacred Site

By Alden Woods, -

Arizona - The Hopi Tribe cannot claim special damage on land controlled by the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Thursday, all but ending an eight-year legal battle and [...]

U.K. And Ecuador Conspire To Deliver Julian Assange To U.S. Authorities

By Gareth Porter, -

The accidental revelation in mid-November that U.S. federal prosecutors had secretly filed charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange underlines the determination of the Trump [...]

Mothers Of Argentina’s Disappeared March Against G20

By Amy Booth, -

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Every Thursday since 1977, a group of women march around the Plaza de Mayo, the square in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, where the presidential palace is located. [...]

One Year Later – A Call To Solidarity

By Staff, -

On Monday, November 26, 2018, Honduran authorities fired massive amounts of tear gas and opened fire with live bullets on a large protest march in Tegucigalpa to mark the one year anniversary of [...]

Meeting For Peace – We Too… (SB)

By Staff, -

In 2000, Asian expert and CIA advisor Chalmers Johnson warned in his much-publicized non-fiction book "Blowback" about the dangers threatening the US because of its global "base empire" - in [...]

Seven Guilty Berta Caceres Murder Court Signals Others Still at Large

By Staff, The Guatemala Human Rights Commission -

A Honduran Criminal Court with National Jurisdiction found an active military officer, hitmen and current and former employees of the DESA hydroelectric company guilty of the murder of indigenous [...]

Gender Pay Inequality Even Worse Than Previously Reported

By Stephen J. Rose and Heidi Hartmann, -

The commonly used figure to describe the gender wage ratio—that a woman earns 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man—understates the pay inequality problem by leaving many women workers out of [...]

‘¡Las Sandinistas!’: A Revolution Remembered

By Mark Read, -

Las Sandinistas, a new feature-length documentary film that examines the Nicaraguan revolution of the 1980’s, arrives in theaters at a critical political juncture in which crises in Central [...]

Trump Administration Launches Last-Ditch Effort To Halt Anti-Saudi Bills

By Bryant Harris, -

Senior officials from the Donald Trump administration are set to brief the Senate on Wednesday in a last-minute effort to dissuade lawmakers from voting to end US support for the Saudi coalition [...]

It is Time To Get Serious About Security At Events

By The Grouch, -

Along with many people that surely read this website, I watched the recent documentary on Atomwaffen Divison several days ago. The documentary didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, [...]

The Empire Will Fall: From Yemen To Tijuana, (Im)Possible Change & Re-Meet NAFTA

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Our addiction to militarism has to end. From millions-strong protests in Yemen to carte blanche for military force at the border, our violent empire has no dimmer switch – and no self restraint. [...]

Gentrification: The New “Negro Removal” Program

By Dr. Ron Daniels, -

Gentrification has emerged as a major threat to Black communities that have been centers for Black business/economic development, cultural and civic life for generations. Gentrification has [...]

Pipeline Protests Continue Near Lindside

By Charles Boothe, -

LINDSIDE — Another pipeline protester in Monroe County was found attached to a piece of heavy equipment at a work site on the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). A protester climbed and locked [...]

The Lobby: Daring Undercover Film Exposes Shadowy Deceptions by Pro-Zionists In US

By Cat McGuire, Popular Resistance -

The Lobby is a documentary produced by Al Jazeera which shines daylight on the quasi-illegal practices of Israelis and their Jewish-American partners to undermine the First Amendment rights of [...]

Trump Is Forging His Own Gaza On The Southern Border

By Jacob Sugarman, -

When a crowd is exposed to tear gas, an aerosol containing the chemical agent 2-chlorobenzaldene malononitrile (CS), nasal passages begin to run, eyes water uncontrollably and breathing grows [...]