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July 2019

Professor Installs Seesaws Across US-Mexico Border To Form Connection ‘On Both Sides’

A pair of college professors have built pink seesaws to place across the U.S.-Mexico border in order for people “on both sides” to create a connection with each other. Ronald Rael of the University of California, Berkeley, and Virginia San Fratello of San José State University — who designed the initial fulcrums in 2009 — teamed up to create the fluorescent pink seesaws. Rael posted photos and a video of kids swinging up and down on the toys on both sides of the border wall in an event he said generated “joy, excitement and togetherness” at the divide.

Tennessee Antifascists Boldly Disrupt, Infiltrate And Expose Annual White Supremacist Gatherings

Despite mounting challenges from a state keen on welcoming white supremacists, antifascist activists are learning that deep organizing is the way they win. A wooden bridge guarded by two well-armed park rangers was all that separated us from more than 60 of the most infamous national and international white supremacists. It was the last weekend of June, and they had come to Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee for the National Solutions Conference, a gathering of “race realism” organizations from around the world.

‘No Pay, We Stay’; Protesting Miners In Harlan County Are Not Going Anywhere

People and organizations continued to stop by a railroad track in Cumberland Tuesday, bringing food and water to protesting miners. The miners have prevented a train hauling coal from the Cloverlick #3 mine for more than 24 hours. One group among the endless stream of supporters came from JonEvan Jack's in Corbin. They rolled their mobile kitchen to Harlan to feed the miners free of charge. "I just seen these people and they need help. I know what it's like to go without a paycheck," said owner Nathan Brown. "I think they already know their community supports them.

Activists Confront 2020 Candidates In Iowa About Drones And War

In late July, the MQ-9 Reaper drone, the U.S.’s foremost killer drone, will enter the Iowa presidential primary contest in a cable TV ad that challenges 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to pledge to end all U.S. drone attacks, close U.S. drone bases and work for a global ban on weaponized drones. The ad, due to appear on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News, will urge support for the End Drone War Pledge campaign planned for candidates’ forums by members of the Des Moines Catholic Worker House and the Des Moines Veterans For Peace chapter, a cadre that has protested drone killings for two years...

Anti-Racist Organizations Remain Silent On The JNF

Parliament will soon hear a petition criticizing the only explicitly racist registered Canadian charity. Oddly, this important event will occur without help from self-declared anti-racist organizations. Recently Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) launched a parliamentary e-petition that begins by noting that the Jewish National Fund (JNF) “engages in discriminatory practices as its landholdings are chartered for exclusively Jewish ownership, lease, and benefit, as noted by the United Nations, the US State Department, a former attorney general of Israel, and the JNF itself.”

Wealthy Parents Give Up Child Custody For College Financial Aid

Dozens of suburban Chicago families, perhaps many more, have been exploiting a legal loophole to win their children need-based college financial aid and scholarships they would not otherwise receive, court records and interviews show. Coming months after the national “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal, this tactic also appears to involve families attempting to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive and expensive college admissions system. Parents are giving up legal guardianship of their children during their junior or senior year in high school to someone else — a friend, aunt, cousin or grandparent.

Activists Scale Crane And Blockade Lincolnshire Power Station Site

Climate change campaigners have climbed cranes and blockaded the entrance to the construction site at SSE’s Keadby 2 power station in Lincolnshire. The Reclaim The Power campaign group say they are trying to shut down the construction site just off the A18 west of Scunthorpe since this morning, with a number of protesters taking action against fossil fuels. The group want to shut down two major gas companies – Drax and SSE – saying “gas is a dirty fossil fuel and will lock us into climate breakdown”.

Protest Shuts Down Highway, Marches Through Eagan’s High-End Outlet Mall

Eagan, MN – Protests shut down roads around Eagan’s Outlet Mall and miles of Minnesota Highway 13 on Saturday, July 27. About 100 protesters marched through the area seeking justice for 23-year-old student and entrepreneur, Isak Aden, who was killed by police after a standoff in the St. Paul suburb of Eagan in early July. Braving the mid-day summer heat, community members gathered at the parking lot in Eagan’s high-end Outlet Mall to continue to press their demands that Eagan Police release any of the police videos and transcripts related to Isak’s case.

Juan Guaidó’s Regime Change Lobby

After Juan Guaidó declared himself Venezuelan president on 23 January, the opposition leader immediately sought to legitimise his parallel government by garnering international support. The US, most European states, and large parts of Latin America moved swiftly to recognise Venezuela’s new "interim president" (indeed, US Vice President Mike Pence had already given Guaidó Washington’s blessing), and the opposition leader began announcing his ambassadorial positions before the month’s end.

Nuclear Disarmament Should Be A Top 2020 Campaign Issue But Is Being Ignored

Two years ago on July 7, 2017, 122 nations approved the text of the Treaty on the Prohibition of NuclearWeapons (TPNW). The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for spearheading this achievement. Few Americans are aware of it and none of the major presidential candidates are informing us. None of the nuclear powers (China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, UK, US) participated in the negotiations. The treaty is now being considered by the nations of the world. 23 nations have ratified it.

The Great Flood

How many times will we rebuild Florida’s cities, Houston, coastal New Jersey, New Orleans and other population centers ravaged by storms lethally intensified by global warming? At what point, surveying the devastation and knowing more is inevitable, will we walk away, leaving behind vast coastal dead zones? Will we retreat even further into magical thinking to cope with the fury we have unleashed from the natural world? Or will we respond rationally and radically alter our relationship to this earth that gives us life?

Wall Street Demands “Discipline” As Protests Continue In Puerto Rico

Hours after Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s early Thursday morning announcement that he will resign on August 2nd, thousands demonstrated in downtown San Juan demanding the resignation of his successor, Justice Minister Wanda Vázquez Garced. Both Rosselló and Vázquez are members of the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Democratic Party. #WandaRenuncia quickly became one of the most popular Twitter hashtags while homemade signs Thursday featured the slogans, “this has not finished” and “we are cleaning the whole house.”

Bolsonaro: Greenwald ‘May be Imprisoned’, Journalist Says ‘ No’

'Contrary to Bolsonaro's wishes, he is not (yet) a dictator. He has no power to order people arrested,' said Greenwald after the president threatened to incarcerate the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Indignation broke out across Brazil after President Jair Bolsonaro commented that United States journalist Glenn Greenwald "may be imprisoned" for publishing information in The Intercept Brazil that incriminates the nation’s Justice Minister Sergio Moro. The comments of the ultra-right president were condemned by opposition politicians and journalist associations that accused him of "serious aggression against freedom of expression."

The 9-Percent Lie: Why Are The USDA And EPA Hiding The Fact That Half Of All US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Industrial Food, Farming And Land Use?

The Climate Emergency is finally getting the attention of the media and the U.S. (and world) body politic, as well as a growing number of politicians, activists and even U.S. farmers. This great awakening has arrived just in time, given the record-breaking temperatures, violent weather, crop failures and massive waves of forced migration that are quickly becoming the norm. Global scientists have dropped their customary caution. They now warn us that we have to drastically reduce global emissions—by at least 45 percent...

Seattle, WA: Rolling Picket Shuts Down ICE Profiteers

On July 26th a lively rolling picket of over 40 people marched through downtown Seattle, shutting down bank branches and occupying the lobbies of investment firm offices. HSBC, U.S. Bank, Prudential Financial, BlackRock Inc. and Barclays bank were targeted. All of these firms have financial relationships with GEO Group and CoreCivic, the primary private detention operators for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The rolling picket, co-organized by Olympia Assembly and El Comite...
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