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January 2020

Inside The Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown  

It is the first day of the year of the rat. I was supposed to be somewhere else, celebrating the lunar New Year with friends, family, and food-lots of it. I work in Wuhan and finishing a project before the long Spring Festival this year; my train was to leave on Thursday. Then, the lockdown and here I am, dining on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, avocadoes, instant coffee, and strawberries, in my apartment on lovely Guangba road in the Wuchang district of Wuhan. Wuhan is the crossroads of nine provinces and often called the Chicago of the east, its motto is “Wuhan Different Every Day”. It is a city of students, with over thirty universities and a million of them, most left town around January 15 when fall term ended for winter break.

Cuba Is Testing Products Against Cancer, Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Disease

While demonized in the United States, the Cuban government has built a comprehensive nationalized healthcare system based on preventative medicine, rather than the curative model the U.S. employs The Cuban government has announced that it is testing new medical products against a range of chronic illnesses, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The Caribbean country has become a hotspot for pharmaceutical research, having already developed techniques that eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis between mothers and children. It was not revealed which types of cancer government scientists are testing against, but they have already developed a lung cancer vaccine, skin cancer medicine and new, minimally invasive techniques in esophageal cancer surgery.

The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich

A persistent American lawyer has uncovered the undeniable fact that the FBI has been continuously lying, including giving false testimony in court, in response to Freedom of Information Act  requests for its records on Seth Rich, a young employee of the Democratic National Committee who was murdered in July 2016. The FBI has previously given affidavits that it has no records regarding Seth Rich.

A Vision For Palestinian Statehood That Is Not Trump’s

We need to move away from the idea of a two-state solution and embrace the vision of one secular, democratic state. It has been almost 15 years since the Boycott, Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement was launched by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). The aim of the campaign is to force Israel and its supporters to recognise that the status quo in Palestinian lands and Israel is not tenable in the long term and that there can be no solution without respect for international law...

U.S. Demands Iraq Either Join U.S. War Against Iran Or Be Destroyed

U.S. officials have now made clear that if U.S. forces become removed from Iraq as Iraq’s Parliament unanimously demanded and Iraq’s Prime Minister affirmed on January 5th, then the U.S. will try to break Iraq up into separate Sunni and Shia nations, and will also definitely impose sanctions against Iraq or (if Iraq becomes successfully broken up) against the Shia-governed portion of Iraq, in order to destroy Iraq (or the Shiite regions in Iraq) totally.

Palestinians Around The World Reject Trump’s ‘Fraud Of The Century’

Palestinians have responded to US President Donald Trump’s peace plan with a resounding “no,” expressing their frustrations with what they have dubbed as the “fraud of the century.” From social media to the streets, Palestinians in the occupied territory and in the diaspora have rejected Trump’s vision for the region, criticizing the plan for granting unilateral concessions to Israel and further depleting the size of a future Palestinian state.

Brazil Petrobras Workers Call Indefinite Strike From Saturday

The federation and its 13 unions said the decision to layoff workers violates the collective labor agreement signed between union representatives and the firm. Workers at the Brazilian oil company Petrobras approved Wednesday a plan to go on an indefinite strike from Saturday, protesting a plan by the state-controlled company to close the Parana Nitrogen Fertilizer plant and fire its 396 workers.

The Long Struggle Of The Amazon Employees

For more than three years, including well over 100 strike days, the employees at Amazon continue to fight for a collective agreement. Although the labour dispute has still not been won, it exemplifies the struggle of employees in the low-wage sector against a global corporation. The conflict at Amazon has become a ‘laboratory of resistance’.

China’s Virus Response Has Been ‘Breathtaking’

President Xi Jinping formally told WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus, at their meeting in Beijing earlier this week, that the coronavirus epidemic “is a devil and we cannot allow the devil to hide.” Ghebreyesus for his part could not but praise Beijing for its extremely swift, coordinated response strategy – which includes fast identification of the genome sequence.

Florestan Fernandes National School Celebrates 15th Anniversary

A space built by the working class, brick by brick, in order to make political education possible for peoples’ organizations across the world. This was the proposal with which the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF), located in Guararema, in the rural area of São Paulo state, was founded on 15 years ago. It was inaugurated on January 23, 2005 and baptized in homage to the Brazilian sociologist and politician Florestan Fernandes.

Solidarity Cities In Europe: A New Urban Policy Approach

Across Europe, urban solidarity movements are gaining momentum. Under the label of “Welcoming Cities,” “Cities of Refuge” or “Solidarity Cities,” civil society groups, local politicians and city administrations are defying the growing restrictions of border regimes and migration policies on the European and national level. At the same time, these movements develop specific municipal policies for the protection or social inclusion of people with precarious status.

Canadian Doctors Demand Fracking Moratorium On Health & Climate Grounds

Within the report, concerns focus on negative health outcomes from environmental toxins such as naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs); the complex level of chemicals used in the fracking process, and the varying degree of toxicity these carry to impact to human health; water contamination through poor regulatory monitoring; psychological and mental impacts from living close to unconventional gas developments...

The Assange Precedent: The Spark That Lit The Fire In The War On Journalism

At the hearing on Thursday, at Westminster in London, the timetable for Julian Assange’s US extradition case was worked out. Assange’s US legal teams made an application to have the extradition hearing split. His defense lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald, emphasized to the court that they won’t be ready to call the main body of their evidence until after the first week of the hearing, which is now set to start at the end of February.

“Grand Coalitions” With Big Oil And Gas Won’t Solve The Climate Crisis

Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been pushing the International Energy Agency (IEA) to stop giving cover to the oil and gas industry and model a fossil fuel phase-out that’s fully in line with our climate goals. As the world’s foremost energy modeller, their scenarios – most notably those in the annual flagship World Energy Outlook (WEO) – shape countless political and financial energy decisions each year.

US Dropped Bombs In Afghanistan At Record Level In 2019

KABUL, Afghanistan — The United States dropped more bombs and other munitions in Afghanistan last year than any other year since documentation began in 2006, Air Force data shows. American aircraft released 7,423 munitions in the country in 2019, according to figures published Monday by U.S. Air Forces Central Command. Coalition aircraft flew nearly 8,800 sorties during the period, over a quarter of which carried out strikes.
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