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February 2020

Global Stock Markets Crashing–What’s Next?-Audio

Listen to my analysis of this week’s record collapse of US and global stock markets. What’s the impact on the global and US ‘real’ economy? Is the Recession here? (Globally yes, per Goldman Sachs research announced today).

#NotAgainSU Protest Shuts Down 2 Blocks Of City Streets Near Syracuse University

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A #NotAgainSU protest shut down two city blocks near Syracuse University for about two hours Wednesday night. Around 100 students, faculty and supporters gathered in the intersection of South Crouse and Waverly avenues. Syracuse police blocked off Waverly Avenue, from Irving Avenue to Walnut Avenue. The protest also effectively blocked Marshall Street to incoming car traffic.

Resistance Episode 2: Shut It Down!

After the shock of the 2016 election started to sink in, activist groups across the United States began planning days of action and civil disobedience around inauguration day. They would not let this go by without some consequence. In this episode, Blake documents the various groups and protest actions that took place on January 20th, 2017.

US Whistleblower’s Mom Asks For Help To Get Son Released

The mother of internationally known whistleblower Brandon Bryant started an online donation campaign to pay for her son's $100,000 bail and get him out of jail. Bryant, 34, an ex-drone pilot for U.S. Air Force who has made global headlines after exposing civilian drone crimes of the U.S. army across the world, was jailed Feb. 11 in his home state of Montana on felony charges of allegedly threatening city council members in Missoula County in a YouTube video posted Dec. 19.

The U.S. Is World’s Merchant Of Death In Capitalism’s Great Race To the Bottom

Empire is the engine that drives the political economy of the United States. The U.S. empire, like all capitalist states, has as its sole purpose the maintenance of class exploitation. While few on any part of the U.S. political spectrum are willing to say the word, empire is a key concern for a ruling class that is committed to preserving the economic and political supremacy of capitalism in its late and terminal stages.

Venezuela: Crimes Against Humanity

At the beginning of 2019, a group of us committed to the Network in Defense of Humanity met informally to study the legal defense against the multiform aggression against Venezuela. For years, I have compiled a summary of all kinds of imperial attacks against our country, but the complaint is not enough protection.

It’s Time To Debate Pentagon Spending

It’s hard to overstate the cost — in dollars and security — of our many wars. What do the candidates say? Despite hopes to the contrary, the Pentagon’s new, $740 billion-plus budget will waste scarce tax dollars while making America less safe. With the presidential primaries accelerating, it’s time for the candidates to address this urgent issue.

Ecosocialist Alternatives In Africa

Introducing an important book series on Democratic Marxism in Africa, Vishwas Satgar explains that the project is premised on a rejection of the authoritarianism of vanguardist politics and the need to learn critical lessons from all the left projects of the 20th century. There is a rich inheritance of emancipatory Marxism in Africa, which includes Frantz Fanon, Ruth First, Samir Amin, Sam Moyo, Harold Wolpe and many others.

Mexico: “Bring The Perpetrators Of The Murders Of Women To Justice!”

Mexico is in shock. In the span of just a few days, the lifeless body of a seven-year-old girl, kidnapped after being abducted from school, was found. Then the body of another young girl, tortured and murdered, was discovered. The number of women murdered every day is 10. The news of these recent killings was like a bomb had been dropped. It placed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a political and social crisis, as he has always considered this issue to be secondary, refusing to respond to the demands of thousands of women who have been mobilized for more than a year against violence and murder.

Chile’s Struggle To Democratize The State

The social uprising in Chile has now reached its fourth month. Masses of people continue to protest and demand structural change despite ferocious repression—mainly at the hands of the militarized Carabineros police force—which has revived traumatic memories. Now, Chileans are looking ahead to a plebiscite that may open the way to a new Constitution.

Rising Popular Movements In India

The other part of the movement, therefore, must be to deepen our unity and solidarity. It must address not just the state but each of us. In the end, the kind of country we become will be determined not by law or court judgments, but by whether love or hate colonises our hearts. The Indian people have risen. Resolute both in their solidarity and their resistance, in cities and towns...

The 2020s Tasks Of Chavistas To Build A Popular Movement In Venezuela

A new year has begun, and once again in Bolivarian Venezuela we find it tremendously difficult to sustain our levels of joy and quality of life amid the attacks and contradictions. Alongside Chavez and Bolivar, the popular movement flies the flags of socialism. It is our job to also raise the banners of unity and struggle, as well as coherence, in the defence of a project which we assume to still be alive.

Julian Assange Hearing Day Four

Please try this experiment for me. Try asking this question out loud, in a tone of intellectual interest and engagement: “Are you suggesting that the two have the same effect?”. Now try asking this question out loud, in a tone of hostility and incredulity bordering on sarcasm: “Are you suggesting that the two have the same effect?”. Firstly, congratulations on your acting skills; you take direction very well. Secondly, is it not fascinating how precisely the same words can convey the opposite meaning dependent on modulation of stress, pitch, and volume? Yesterday the prosecution continued its argument that the provision in the 2007 UK/US Extradition Treaty that bars extradition for political offences is a dead letter, and that Julian Assange’s objectives are not political in any event. James Lewis QC for the prosecution spoke for about an hour, and Edward Fitzgerald QC replied for the defence for about the same time.

99.9 Percent Of US Citizens Unaware Of Largest US War Game In Europe In 25 Years

99.9 percent of citizens of the United States have no clue that the new “Cold War” against Russia is manifesting in the largest U.S. military war practice in Europe than in more than 25 years. They have not heard that the U.S. military is sending 20,000 soldiers from the U.S. to Europe to join 9,000 U.S. troops already in Europe and 8,000 soldiers from ten European countries to practice waging a war against Russia.  37,000 military from the U.S. and Europe will be a part of the war maneuvers named Defender 2020. The U.S. political environment is so confused that many in the U.S. will question why the U.S. is having provocative actions against Russia such as these big war games on the border of Russia when U.S. President Donald Trump seems to be such a good friend with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rising Tides Will Leave No Choice For US Millions

The Texan city of Houston is about to grow in unexpected ways, thanks to the rising tides. So will Dallas. Real estate agents in Atlanta, Georgia; Denver, Colorado; and Las Vegas, Nevada could expect to do roaring business. The inland counties around Los Angeles, and close to New Orleans in Louisiana, will suddenly get a little more crowded. And from Boston in the north-east to the tip of Florida, Americans will be on the move.
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