Global Stock Markets Crashing–What’s Next?-Audio

By Jack Ramus , -

Listen to my analysis of this week’s record collapse of US and global stock markets. What’s the impact on the global and US ‘real’ economy? Is the Recession here? (Globally yes, per Goldman Sachs [...]

#NotAgainSU Protest Shuts Down 2 Blocks Of City Streets Near Syracuse University

By Julie McMahon and Chris Libonati,  -

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A #NotAgainSU protest shut down two city blocks near Syracuse University for about two hours Wednesday night. Around 100 students, faculty and supporters gathered in the [...]

Resistance Episode 2: Shut It Down!

By Staff, Stewis Media GbR -

After the shock of the 2016 election started to sink in, activist groups across the United States began planning days of action and civil disobedience around inauguration day. They would not let [...]

US Whistleblower’s Mom Asks For Help To Get Son Released

By Vakkas Doğantekin, -

The mother of internationally known whistleblower Brandon Bryant started an online donation campaign to pay for her son's $100,000 bail and get him out of jail. Bryant, 34, an ex-drone pilot for [...]

The U.S. Is World’s Merchant Of Death In Capitalism’s Great Race To the Bottom

By Danny Haiphong, -

Empire is the engine that drives the political economy of the United States. The U.S. empire, like all capitalist states, has as its sole purpose the maintenance of class exploitation. While few [...]

Venezuela: Crimes Against Humanity

By Luis Britto García, -

At the beginning of 2019, a group of us committed to the Network in Defense of Humanity met informally to study the legal defense against the multiform aggression against Venezuela. For years, I [...]

It’s Time To Debate Pentagon Spending

By William D. Hartung, -

It’s hard to overstate the cost — in dollars and security — of our many wars. What do the candidates say? Despite hopes to the contrary, the Pentagon’s new, $740 billion-plus budget will waste [...]

Ecosocialist Alternatives In Africa

By Vishwas Satgar, -

Introducing an important book series on Democratic Marxism in Africa, Vishwas Satgar explains that the project is premised on a rejection of the authoritarianism of vanguardist politics and the [...]

Mexico: “Bring The Perpetrators Of The Murders Of Women To Justice!”

By Staff, -

Mexico is in shock. In the span of just a few days, the lifeless body of a seven-year-old girl, kidnapped after being abducted from school, was found. Then the body of another young girl, [...]

Chile’s Struggle To Democratize The State

By J. Patrice McSherry, -

The social uprising in Chile has now reached its fourth month. Masses of people continue to protest and demand structural change despite ferocious repression—mainly at the hands of the [...]

Rising Popular Movements In India

By Harsh Mander, -

The other part of the movement, therefore, must be to deepen our unity and solidarity. It must address not just the state but each of us. In the end, the kind of country we become will be [...]

The 2020s Tasks Of Chavistas To Build A Popular Movement In Venezuela

By Gerardo Rojas,   -

A new year has begun, and once again in Bolivarian Venezuela we find it tremendously difficult to sustain our levels of joy and quality of life amid the attacks and contradictions. Alongside [...]

Julian Assange Hearing Day Four

By Craig Murray. -

Please try this experiment for me. Try asking this question out loud, in a tone of intellectual interest and engagement: “Are you suggesting that the two have the same effect?”. Now try [...]

99.9 Percent Of US Citizens Unaware Of Largest US War Game In Europe In 25 Years

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

99.9 percent of citizens of the United States have no clue that the new “Cold War” against Russia is manifesting in the largest U.S. military war practice in Europe than in more than 25 [...]

Rising Tides Will Leave No Choice For US Millions

By Tim Radford,  -

The Texan city of Houston is about to grow in unexpected ways, thanks to the rising tides. So will Dallas. Real estate agents in Atlanta, Georgia; Denver, Colorado; and Las Vegas, Nevada could [...]