Deception 2020: The One Thing Democrats And Republicans Always Agree On

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

In this sixth installment of the Deception 2020 Series, we highlight the most vibrant common thread between both of our corporate parties: imperialism. We sit down with Leonardo Flores to discuss [...]

Radical Neoliberalism Was Born And Will Die In Chile

By Patricio Zamorano, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

A wave of Indigenous peoples supporting the Luis Arce-David Choquehuanca presidential ticket defeated the main right-wing candidate, Carlos Mesa by 20 points, restoring democracy to Bolivia. Just [...]

How A Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over To Arms Industry And Taiwan Supporters

By Gareth Porter, Global Research. -

When the United States finalized a set of seven arms sales packages to Taiwan in August, including 66 upgraded F-16 fighter planes and longer-range air-to-ground missiles that could hit sensitive [...]

The Knives Come Out As Greenwald Splits From The Intercept

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of investigative news outlet The Intercept, very publicly resigned from his position yesterday. The immediate trigger for his decision was a refusal to publish his [...]

Modern Piracy And US Sanctions

By Orinoco Tribune. -

Washington announced in August that it had confiscated 1.1 million barrels of gasoline from four tankers en route between the two countries, which are both under illegal US sanctions. “We [...]

Biden And Trump Agree Far More Than They Disagree

By Adrienne Pine, Telesur English. -

With the U.S. presidential elections slated for next Tuesday November 3rd, unprecedented numbers of voters have already cast their ballot. Despite a polarized electorate deeply divided on issues [...]

Sanctions, Elections And Tactical Opportunities

By Cira Pascual Marquina, Venezuelanalysis. -

First, the very existence of the Venezuelan nation-state is at stake in the upcoming elections. Of course, all countries on the periphery struggle for their existence in the unequal power [...]

Judge Approves Extradition Of Kyle Rittenhouse

By Michael Tarm, AP News. -

Waukegan, IL - An Illinois judge on Friday ordered a 17-year-old accused of killing two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to be extradited across the border to stand trial on homicide [...]

Kentucky Police Training Slideshow Quoted Hitler

By Satchel Walton and Cooper Walton, Manual Red Eye. -

A training slideshow used by the Kentucky State Police (KSP) — the second largest police force in the state — urges cadets to be “ruthless killer[s]” and quotes Adolf Hitler advocating [...]

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations

By Katie Bo Williams, Defense One. -

Two D.C. National Guard helicopters that flew low over protesters in Washington, D.C., on the night of June 1 were not properly authorized to be there — and were directed by a lieutenant colonel [...]

Penguin Climate Activists Block Berlin Airport Opening

By Stay Grounded, Popular Resistance. -

Berlin - The climate justice group 'Am Boden bleiben', a member of the international Stay Grounded network, today blocks the opening of the new airport in Berlin with protest actions. The opening [...]

Peace Organizations Win Fight For Records On Explosives At Naval Base

By Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Popular Resistance. -

Washington - On August 31, 2020, Judge Ronald B. Leighton ordered the release of eleven records that the  Navy had provided to Plaintiffs in 2012 in the course of a National Environmental Policy [...]

Why Canada Must Release Meng Wan Zhou

By K. J. Noh, Popular Resistance. -

Few things are as dangerous as a poorly thought-out kidnapping.  Kidnappings are serious business, often with unintended consequences.  History is replete with dim-witted criminals who engaged in [...]

Deception 2020: It’s Not The Most Important Election

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

In this fifth installment of the Deception 2020 Series, we dig into that trite line about “the most important election of our time!” You’ve likely heard it before – chances are you’ll hear it [...]

Alice’s Nightmare In Drone Land

By World Beyond War. -

New York - On Thursday, 33 people from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts organized by Upstate Drone Action blocked the gates at Hancock Air Field near Syracuse, NY. Prior to Thursday’s [...]