Did The US Support The Growth Of ISIS-K In Afghanistan?

By Alexander Rubinstein, Mintpress News. -

Washington — The list of governments, former government officials, and organizations in the region that have accused the US of supporting ISIS-K is expansive and includes the Russian government, [...]

An Invitation From People V. Fossil Fuels

By People Vs. Fossil Fuels. -

We, the undersigned, come from the trenches in the fight against fossil fuels. From fracking sites and oil wells, to pipelines and refineries, to plastic plants and more, we are impacted [...]

Millions Of Workers Want A Union

By Eric Dirnbach, EWOC. -

We know the U.S. labor movement is too small. Our current union density, or membership rate, is very low, about 11% of the workforce, with only around 6% in the private sector, and it’s been [...]

A Meeting With Historical Combatants

By Yorlis Luna Delgado, Tortilla con Sal. -

A few days ago I had the honor of participating in a meeting of historical combatants of the Southern Front, in a community in the department of Rivas. There is so much to tell that the words [...]

New York Times Tech Guild Walks Out, Into An Historic Fight

On August 11th, after months of management’s union-busting and stalling, New York Times tech workers staged the tech industry’s first ever walkout over unfair labor practices. Among the over 300 [...]

Afghan Activist: We All Deserve Refuge, Not Just Those Who Served The US

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times. -

Following the Taliban’s seizure of power, people across the political spectrum have expressed concern about the fate of Afghans who helped the United States and are therefore at risk of [...]

Let’s Take The Profit Out Of Wars

By Sam Pizzigati, Counter Punch. -

In the 21st century, many of us are used to the murderous mass violence of modern warfare. After all, we grew up living it or hearing about it. The 20th century rates as the deadliest in human [...]

Why Hezbollah Is Bringing Iranian Fuel To Lebanon

By Radwan Mortada, Orinoco Tribune. -

The chokehold on Lebanon has grown even tighter, thanks to the embargo imposed against it by the United States and its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf. This comes at the lowest point of Lebanon’s [...]

New US Military Base In Micronesia To Challenge China

By Morgan Artyukhina, Sputnik News. -

Last month in Honolulu, Hawaii, Microensian President David Panuelo held high-level defense talks with US Navy Adm. John C. Aquilino, commander of US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) about “the [...]

Greenwashing, Subsidies And Carbon Pricing

By Will Dubitsky, Green Transition. -

There is a growing chorus in favour of carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS) by fossil fuel firms and governments. In brief, CCS technologies capture emissions from fossil fuel [...]

Preventing A Dystopian Future: New Campaign To Ban Killer And Surveillance Drones

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Drones are being used as weapons of terror and oppression throughout the world. Not only do they make it possible for the United States to colonize and occupy other countries, but police [...]

Minneapolis High Rise Window Cleaners End Strike After Winning Major Gains

By Fight Back News. -

Minneapolis, MN - On Thursday, August 26, window cleaners in Minneapolis reached a tentative agreement with their employers and ended their open-ended strike after ten days on the picket [...]

The Empire Does Not Forgive

By Chris Hedges, Scheer Post. -

The Carthaginian general Hannibal, who came close to defeating the Roman Republic in the Second Punic War, committed suicide in 181 BC in exile as Roman soldiers closed in on his residence in the [...]

Massachusetts Lawyers Are Challenging Law Enforcement Seizures

By Shannon Dooling And Saurabh Datar, ProPublica. -

Lawmakers and criminal justice advocates in Massachusetts are calling for changes to the laws that govern how law enforcement seizes, and keeps, cash and property confiscated in suspected drug [...]

The Radicalism Of ‘Race Today’

By Tabatha Vaughan, Tribune Magazine. -

In 1974, former Black Panther Darcus Howe became editor of Race Today, transforming it from a formal academic journal, run by the institute of Race Relations, into a campaigning collective whose [...]