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2023 Earth First! The Gathering: July 1-9, Occupied Abenaki Territory

Call to participate in the Earth First! summer 2023 gathering.

Occupied Abenaki territory (so-called Vermont or New Hampshire) exact location tba later.

Earth first! is, has been, and will continue to be a think tank and proving ground of direct action in defense of the earth and those who reside here. At 43 years old, earth first! may seem like an institution, but in reality it is still created every day by those of us who show up to resist ecocide. If you show up, you’re at the table. There’s no way to sell you on earth first!, cuz earth first! is not for sale.

So come to the gathering! Say your piece, make it yours, and let’s fight the bastards together. You don’t have to be an earth first!er to come to an ef! gathering – the fight for the earth is intimately intertwined with struggles against white supremacy, patriarchy, settler colonialism and all forces which oppose collective liberation. The more we work together and build connections across the intersections of struggle, the stronger our resistance grows. So join us in July for a week outside under the stars, sharing skills of all kinds, having discussions, and doing direct action trainings, climb trainings, and plant walks. There will be a lot to learn and share, but we will also leave good time for visiting, relaxing, exploring and having fun. See you there!

-2023 ef! The Gathering organizers

Donate to support queer, trans, & BIPOC friends’ travel costs:

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