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21 More Arrested For Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Above Photo: File photo from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests near Cannon Ball, N.D., earlier this month.

ST. ANTHONY, N.D. — Twenty-one Dakota Access Pipeline protesters were arrested throughout the day on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at two construction sites near St. Anthony, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said.

The protesters were arrested for various crimes ranging from resisting arrest, criminal trespass on private property and possession of stolen property. Tow trucks were summoned to impound five vehicles, which belonged to people who had been arrested, according to Donnell Preskey, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department.

Law enforcement has increased patrols and visibility in the county’s southern stretches, deploying adding armored vehicles and non-lethal weapons.

The arrests on Wednesday bring the total to 95 for activities related to Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

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