22 National Science Academies Urge Government Action On Climate Change

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Above Photo: The Commonwealth “has the potential, and the responsibility, to help drive meaningful global efforts and outcomes that protect ourselves, our children and our planet,” 22 national science academies wrote in a joint statement. Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Note: One of the many problems with Mike Pompeo being appointed secretary of state, are his views on climate. Pompeo has been a friend of the oil and gas industry and an opponent of transitioning to a clean energy economy. Inside Climate News reports: “With Rex Tillerson’s firing, President Donald Trump’s new choice for Secretary of State—Mike Pompeo, a former Kansas congressman currently serving as director of the CIA—signals a hardening stance against international engagement on climate change. Pompeo’s career in business and politics was tightly intertwined with the oil magnate Koch brothers, and he has shown a deep disregard for climate science and the need to address the climate crisis.”

The scientists, from the UK, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries, warn that stronger measures are needed to keep global warming under 2 degrees.