2nd Camp Set Up To Block Pipeline Company’s Access To Wet’suwet’en Land

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Above Photo: Freda Huson speaking to supporters outside the Prince George courthouse before a hearing last week regarding the injunction application made by Coastal GasLink. (Chantelle Bellrichard/CBC)

B.C. judge granted a temporary injunction for access by Coastal GasLink on Friday

  • mwildfire

    This is so wrong. There should be thousands of Canadians standing with the locals here; but then, that happened at Standing Rock and they still buillt their damn pipeline. But here’s the thing. The developers are likely to think they can’t afford to be seen to lose, even if the delays, and the policing at Standing Rock cost more than they’ll get out of the pipeline…but after the Diablo Canyon and Seabrook reactors were built despite massive protests by the Clamshell and Abalone Alliances…no new reactors were even proposed for thirty years. There is such a thing as a Pyrrhic loss. In other words, Standing Rock could be part of an eventual win. We really can’t wait much longer, though, to stop fossil fuel projects.