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$320 Million US Pier Collapses In Gaza, Drifts To Ashdod

Above photo: Soldiers and sailors assemble the floating pier off the shore of Gaza on April 26, 2024. US Army/AP.

Strong waves have swept away a section of the American floating pier off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Part of the American naval pier in Gaza collapsed on Saturday as waves carried it toward Ashdod, according to Israeli media.

In further detail, Israeli Channel 12 reported that strong waves swept away a section of the American floating pier off the coast of the Gaza Strip, heading towards the shores of Ashdod.

The Israeli navy reportedly retrieved and reattached the section, as per the report.

The US floating pier in the Mediterranean Sea has faced significant challenges since its creation on May 15, questioning its efficiency in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

It is worth noting that the Pentagon allocated $320 million and deployed 1,000 soldiers and sailors to establish the pier. The mission reportedly involved fourteen ships from the US and other countries. At the same time, the US sent billions of dollars of weapons to “Israel” amid its genocide in Gaza.

In its inaugural week of operations, only 820 tons of aid were transported through the pier, with approximately two-thirds reaching distribution points within Gaza, according to the Pentagon’s statement on Thursday. This falls well short of the initial target of 90 truckloads per day and accounts for just 15% of the estimated minimum daily requirement for a population of over two million people facing famine.

Weather conditions present a significant challenge, with rough seas in the Mediterranean posing a threat to the pier’s integrity and safety. Storms delayed the installation process, and further interruptions are possible. While the summer months are anticipated to be relatively calm, operations may need to cease by September, necessitating the dismantling of the pier.

UN stops all food distribution in Rafah, warns of US pier failure

The UN stopped food distribution in the southern Gaza city of Rafah on May 21 due to a lack of supplies and an untenable security situation as a result of the Israeli expansion of a military operation in Rafah.

The UN warned that humanitarian operations all around the territory were near collapse.

In the same context, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said on May 20 that delivering aid to Gaza via land routes was irreplaceable in terms of the volume of assistance required by the 2.2 million population in Gaza.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) urged on May 17 for the opening of additional crossing points into the Gaza Strip, saying they are a lifeline for the Palestinians.

WFP warned that the escalation of IOF activity in Rafah risks stopping humanitarian operations in Gaza.

A top UN official said on May 9 that “Israel’s” blockade of major crossings into Gaza has shut off the main entrance route for supplies, notably gasoline, making humanitarian operations nearly impossible.

Andrea De Domenico, head of the United Nations humanitarian agency (OCHA) in the occupied Palestinian territories expressed that the “main entry point for all humanitarian aid” had been lost.

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