40+ Cities Rally Tuesday Against FBI Over Apple Conflict

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Above photo from Fight For The Future.

The FBI just got a judge to order Apple to create a backdoor into the iPhone — putting all of our safety at risk by exposing personal information to hackers, criminals, terrorists, and government spies.

The FBI has been trying this for years, but now they’re exploiting the tragedy in San Bernardino to push their reckless agenda.

Our basic safety and security is at stake. So on Tuesday, February 23rd we will gather at Apple stores nationwide with one simple message: “Don’t Break Our Phones!”

Click here to find a rally near you, and take a stand to protect encryption.

We already held one rally on Wednesday in San Francisco, and on just 5 hours notice dozens of people gathered to say that encryption and security matter — that giving the FBI a backdoor into every iPhone is a terrifying prospect that would make all of us less safe.

TV crews and journalists from major outlets showed up too, and our plan for nationwide protests has already been covered by CNN, USA Today, Fox, and ABC News.

Join the rallies against the FBI’s latest attempt to undermine the security standards that keep us safe. Click here to find a rally in your town!

Apple is fighting back against this order, too, so these rallies aren’t protesting Apple — they’re meant to show the government that we won’t let them break our phones and put us all in danger.

This isn’t just about the iPhone, because once the government is able to order companies to unlock their devices and build in backdoors, none of our data will be safe, because courts will be able to issue similar orders for Androids, PCs, and every other device out there.

Ultimately, breaking the security features of our phones puts all of our safety at risk.

Once a backdoor is built, anyone who finds it can use it. That means it won’t only be used by governments or law enforcement. It’s only a matter of time until someone else finds it, enabling malicious hackers, foreign governments, terrorists, thieves and stalkers to use our data against us.

What the FBI is doing endangers all of us. Click here to take a stand for safety and privacy everywhere. If you can’t attend, share the event with friends!

Companies like Apple have a right to offer customers secure devices that protect our most sensitive information.

According to the ACLU, forcing Apple to hack their own customers is unconstitutional and will undermine our privacy and safety without improving national security. [1]

So far, Apple is vowing to fight this unlawful and reckless demand by the government, but we need to show them that they’re not standing alone. Join us at one of these important events to stand up for everyone’s safety.

Click here to find a rally near you, and take a stand to protect encryption.

If you don’t see an event near you, check back soon — more are being added every hour. Plus, if you mark yourself as attending, we’ll also follow up with a simple tool that will allow you to turn your iPhone, tablet, or laptop into a protest sign you can bring to these events.


1. https://www.aclu.org/news/aclu-comment-fbi-effort-force-apple-unlock-iphone

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  • occupyRUScom

    WHY Are These Protests after Sun-Set?

  • Dawn Wolfson

    some of us work during business hours (?)

  • occupyRUScom

    Well; i was More Concerned about SUNSHiNE on [OUR] “Signage” (for all da Wold to see/read) than on [OUR] Government.Sun Sets [here] 5:40p.

    Happy Every-Day! (like a Birthday)!

  • Dawn Wolfson

    I can only speak for Sacramento, but the Apple store here is inside a mall, so sunshine not an issue. And maybe it will catch the attention of some people stopping by after working hours.

  • occupyRUScom

    From; slushy NYC: HUGS to the “WORKiNG-CLASS(s).”