It’s Our Digital Future Video Launch

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Photo a screenshot from Open Media video on TPP

Recently leaked drafts of Trans-Pacific Partnership’s IP chapter show that the agreement as it currently stands will still serve to censor the Internet and stifle free expression. Now, with negotiators closer than ever to reaching an agreement, OpenMedia is firing back with a video to expose the censorship plan contained in the TPP, and to build support behind a positive alternative.

View the video preview here:
*Please keep in mind that this video is a preview, the final version will have additional animation/audio rendering

It’s Our Future from on Vimeo.

At it’s best, the Internet encourages us to share, use our creativity, and¬†express ourselves freely. But these freedoms are being threatened by big media conglomerates who are trying to use copyright laws to control the Internet. While copyright laws were originally created to protect people’s ability to make a living from their inventions, today they have been corrupted by big media conglomerates, abusing them for their advantage. It will be easy to fail to follow the rules without even knowing it.

Now, big media conglomerates are trying to change the rules again to be even more restrictive through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Under the TPP, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could be forced to police your internet use and forced to kick you off line if you are just suspicious of breaking rules without a jury, judge, or due process. If the TPP is sealed, the way we use the Internet could change forever.

That is why Our Media has asked the Internet community what kind of rules they would like the Internet to follow. Of the thousands asked, people wanted 1) Rules that respect creators that compensate them appropriately for their work without giving too much power to big media conglomerates, 2) Rules that prioritize free expression, 3) Rules that are made in a democratic process and not by lobbyists.