99Rise Activist Disrupts Donald Trump At #GOPDebate

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Above Photo: From Occupywallst.nyc.

Kai Newkirk, an activist with Occupy offshoot 99Rise, stood up at last night’s GOP Debate in Las Vegas and delivered a powerful message:

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Link To Facebook Post Here

Learn more about 99Rise on their website, and sign up to be part of #DemocracySpring!

‘We are the 99%, in all of our tremendous diversity. We are the students and young people, the homeowners, the workers, the families, the immigrants, the seniors and retirees, and every other American sick of seeing their democracy serve only the interests of the 1%. United by a common vision, a common strategy, and a set of simple, clear guidelines, we work together in a decentralized movement where every community is empowered to take independent, creative action and every member is encouraged to develop as a leader.’

  • AlanMacDonald

    Although it seems crazy here on PR to say it — nowhere near enough Americans even understand that there is an EMPIRE, nor that they themselves are nothing but ‘subjects’ of that EMPIRE — because all buta small fraction of even the alt media consistently try to educate the people about the EMPIRE, which is a shame (or a sham) in “Rising-up, standing-up, and shouting-out against EMPIRE” — which is absolutely essential if we are to ignite a non-violent Second American Revolution against EMPIRE again in 2015/6 like 1776.

    “Empire Files” is uniquely and with seminal focus doing more to
    educate the American people about the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has captured, controls, and now fully “Occupies” our former country as its nominal global HQ, metropole, and ‘beard’ of faux-democracy than any other progressive source of truth-telling.

    Although, “Popular Resistance”, “Common Dreams”, “TruthDig”, WSWS, “The Real News Network”, “Truth Out”, “Days of Rage”, and an array of progressive alt media sites also deserve credit for providing good articles exposing and ‘outing’ the Empire with some increasing frequency.

  • AlanMacDonald

    Kevin, “99Rise-up against Empire” has a nice (and more importantly ‘effective’) Ring to it, eh?

    Maybe we have finally hit upon a Rel 2.0 of what “Occupy” could have been if it had been given a real message as “Occupy the Empire” rather than just setting the table for Revolution with the non-specific agenda of “Occupy” — which, after all, was not a sentence just a word with no ‘object’.

    Second chances only come sometimes — and sometimes as miracles.

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