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Occupy Money Cooperative Launch Party

You are invited to celebrate the beginning of a radical transformation in financial services: the Occupy Money Cooperative! We are launching a crowd-funding campaign to kick-start an innovative, democratic, transparent and cooperatively-run company to provide access to low-cost, high-quality financial services to everyone. Join us on Monday, September 16th - on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the occupation of Wall Street - for an evening of music, food, drink and camaraderie as we embark on this project together. This event is FREE to attend, and any donations will go towards the capital campaign.

Momentum Growing To Occupy Fed By Nationalizing It

It was clear from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's first testimony to the House Financial Committee on February 11 that she will use the Fed to continue to bail out the big banks of Wall Street rather than unemployed workers, homeowners, students and the medically uninsured. We at FedUp aren’t expecting to hear anything new from her about changes to monetary policy that benefit the 99% when she speaks today before the Senate Banking Committee. We were, however, inspired by Yellen's positive response to invitations by members of Congress to participate in town hall meetings across the country. We encourage Yellen to follow through on that promise where her predecessors did not, and speak to the people about how the Fed can bail out Main Street and demand a more just system that serves the 99% as opposed to the 1%.

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Celebrate Being Part Of An Historic Transformation

This week, veterans and their allies in New York City marked the twelfth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan by taking a stand against war and challenging New York’s unusual curfew on the Vietnam War Memorial. This protest was about protecting our rights to Freedom of Speech, Assembly and to petition for a redress of grievances as much as it was about opposing war. Tarak Kauff, one of the organizers of the protest, reports that one interesting outcome was that many police officers thanked the vets for doing what they were doing, showing solidarity with the action and apologizing for having to make arrests. When police understand a protest movement is working to make the world better for them and their families, we are on the right path to success. In Wisconsin, Governor Scott backed down in the face of constant protests and litigation and agreed the people had the right to protest in the Capitol Building without a permit.

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Finding Empathy, Passion And Resistance

There is an identifying term that covers the millions of resistance actions that have been taking place throughout our history. It is called the compassionate rebel revolution. A compassionate rebel persona lives in everyone. It combines our ability to care about an issue with our capacity to act against the status quo for the change we believe in. It enables ordinary people to find creative, non-violent solutions to the problems that concern them, and, in the process to contribute towards making the world around them a better place to live for future generations. It projects them into everyday heroes whose acts of caring and courage continue to transform our politics, our culture and our way of life.

Occupy Banking: Yes, Please

A spinoff group from the Occupy movement is seeking to launch its own prepaid debit card, as a prelude to offering a more complete set of financial services. Ridiculous? Not at all. In fact, taking over some of Wall Street's business could be the most useful thing Occupy Wall Street could do. According to the New York Times, the prepaid debit card is but the first offering from the Occupy Money Cooperative, a spinoff group that wants to build at least a rudimentary set of alternative financial products, for the public. How is this different from the banks that Occupy was protesting? Well, EVIL BANKS are for-profit enterprises that seek to maximize their own profits by squeezing consumers for everything they're worth. For most people, that translates to high fees for every little service, which is, essentially, extortion by banks. It is middlemen taking as big a cut as possible of the money that flows through their coffers, with no associated benefit for the public. It is $32 billion in overdraft fees in 2012 alone. What Occupy wants to do, by contrast, is to create a not-for-profit financial institution that could fulfill common needs—debit cards, checking and savings accounts, loans—with no profit imperative, meaning that it could be totally focused on charging the lowest possible fees.
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