create-iconAlong with direct action and other forms of resistance, a transformational movement must also have a constructive program that builds new institutions based on the values that the movement aspires to achieve. These may eventually replace the old systems. From small, worker-owned cooperatives to national advocacy groups, hundreds of thousands of people around the country are working to create democratic and sustainable systems that meet the basic needs of all people.

These Parking Lots Turn Into Safe Havens For Homeless People At Night, With Spectacular Results

By Elias Marat, -

(TMU) — Around the world, the problem of homelessness has only grown over the last several years. The roots of the problem are social in nature: rising housing prices in large cities are leading to mass evictions and displacing communities, [...]

Nader: Trump Should Be Impeached For His Climate Policies

By Ralph Nader, -

It is time to take Donald Trump’s disregard for climate crisis seriously. As Commander in Chief, Trump is abdicating his duties to protect his people, instead actively aiding and abetting the corporate polluters who are causing the climate [...]

The Urgent Need For Worker-Owned Media

By Nathan J. Robinson, -

Another quality media outlet has been killed, another talented group of writers and editors pushed out of their jobs. Today’s casualty: Deadspin, the acclaimed not-just-sports website, where staff resigned en masse to protest the elimination of [...]

New Laws Require All New Roofs To Contain Solar Panels Or Green Space

By Rose Adams, -

Two laws requiring new property owners to build solar panels or green spaces on their roofs went into effect on Nov. 15 — marking a major step towards Brooklyn’s environmental sustainability, according to local green thumbs. “It’s important and [...]

Poor Neighborhoods Need More Than ‘Investment’

By Amadi Anene, -

Where some of us see distressed neighborhoods — where families endure poverty and homes fall into disrepair — others see dollar signs. In fact, the Trump administration now brands them “opportunity zones,” offering tax breaks to investors who [...]

Evanston Will Use Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax Proceeds To Fund Local Reparations Program

By Genevieve Bookwalter, -

Evanston aldermen on Monday approved directing all sales tax revenue collected from recreational marijuana purchases to a fund that will establish a local reparations program. Officials say the program will help the city’s black population stay [...]

Dissolve The Palestinian Authority, Embrace A One-State Solution…Now

By Hamada Jaber, -

This paper is grounded on three assumptions. First, it takes for granted the death or the impossibility of achieving the two-state solution due to the non-stop Israeli settlement expansion across the territories of the long-yearned for [...]

With Net Neutrality Axed, Local Governments Are Racing To Save The Open Internet

By Victor Pickard and David Elliot Berman, -

Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon are free to slow down, block or prioritize internet traffic as they wish, without interference by the federal government. That’s the effect of an October ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court of [...]

Southern Workers Unite Around Medicare For All

By Jonathan Michels, In These Times. -

Charlotte, N.C.—A line of cars rolls up to the government center of the largest city in a state tied with neighbor South Carolina for least unionized in the country. Members of the Southern Workers Assembly (SWA) emerge from the cars and join a [...]

Direct Democracy And The Passion For Political Participation

Yavor Tarinski and Eve Olney, -

Yavor Tarinski is an independent researcher and activist whose publications and talks center on the possibilities of direct democracy and commoning practices as an alternative to the current social imaginary. He is the author of Direct [...]

Latin American Protesters Are Demanding New Economic Models

By Nazaret Castro, -

“It’s not 30 pesos: it’s 30 years.” This slogan, one of the most frequently used in the mass protests in Chile, explains in seven words what has triggered the biggest mass demonstrations in living memory in this Andean country since the [...]

UN Adopts Eight Resolutions In Condemnation Of Israeli Crimes In Palestine

By Staff, -

According to UN Watch, the texts condemn Israel for “repressive measures” against Syrian citizens in the Golan Heights, renew the mandate of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and renew the mandate of a UN special committee to investigate [...]

Putting The Brakes On Corporate America’s Inequality Engine

By Sam Pizzigati, -

Why has the United States become so much more unequal over the last four decades? Any number of factors have been driving our increased inequality. But no single factor may have been more significant than the behavior of the modern American [...]

World’s Largest Bank Ends Fossil Fuel Financing

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

The bank's decision to end all financing of oil, gas, and coal projects after 2021 will make it the first multilateral lender to rule out financing for projects that contribute to the climate crisis. Environmentalists have a reason to celebrate [...]

The Just Transition, Economic Democracy, And The Green New Deal

By Evan Casper-Futterman and Jason Spicer, -

Earlier this year, US Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez introduced a Congressional resolution for a Green New Deal (GND), an idea since supported by a number of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. The resolution calls for “transparent [...]