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A Call For People’s Awareness Of Venezuela

In 1999, we decided, as a nation and democratically, to be independent and sovereign, to move towards a model of social justice and equality, as well as to freely make use of our vast wealth. We agreed that such a transition would be made peacefully and democratically. This, our decision, became a threat for the United States administrations, loyal representatives and spokespeople of large capital. They declared war on us since that moment. That war intensified since 2013, when Hugo Chavez passed away.

This is not unconventional warfare, they are not launching missiles, nor are they bombing military zones. This is even a more fateful war, causing affliction and damage to the whole population, to boys, girls, women, the elderly, men, civilians, and also to soldiers. It is a war that is leaving appalling injuries.

They are using non-conventional but devastating weapons: hiding food and medicine; blockading and illegally appropriating the money and assets of the Republic deposited in international banks; preventing commercial and financial transactions for the purchase of food, medicines, spare parts, and raw material for production; attacking our currency; inducing hyperinflation; sabotaging the electrical grid and fostering violence in the streets in the pursuit of a confrontation among Venezuelans.

Economic losses have increased to $ 117.1 billion as a result of the U.S. criminal and insensitive attack against the Venezuelan people. For us, this would represent the import of food and medicine for 26 years for the entire population.

From the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity, we are committed to make Venezuela’s truth public. We are hard-working and caring people who decided to move towards socialism. We managed to reduce extreme poverty by 72 percent in less than 10 years (from 25 % in 2003 to 7% in 2011) and inequality by 20% in the same period. We made those gains in a democratic society.

We appeal to the consciousness of the world for Venezuela, to cease the siege and aggressions against our people, to unite and speak aloud demanding justice for these crimes against humanity.

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