A Cure For Excessive Wealth Disorder

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Here’s a simple test to determine whether politicians are carrying water for the richest 0.1 percent.

  • Pat moore

    I will pay more in taxes to support equality, healthcare, renewable energy, infrastructure.
    Would prefer to refuse to pay for endless wars, imperialism, fossil fuel subsidies, and tav cuts for rich

  • Steven Berge

    Another way to even the playing field would be to start taxing financial transactions. A very small tax would generate a great deal of revenue and have the added bonus of lessening the high frequency trading that is not about investing, but about taking “special” advantage. It’s telling about who weilds power in Washington when there are no taxes on these transactions. As one senior congress person said about the banks, “Frankly, they own the place.”

  • Jon

    A virulent strain of affluenza. Beware! Rigorous decontamination procedure needed.

  • JA Myer

    Tax the rich at the 70 percent marginal rate! Anything less than that is a win for them.