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A Deep State Darling And A Real Alternative To Police

Above Photo: ep_jhu/ Flickr

March is Women’s History Month – and while it’s always a good idea to recognize the powerful role of women in the fight for justice, not all women who have power wield it well – or deserve our pride and recognition. The fact that women too can rise to the position of murderers and oppressors is no point of pride. The goal of feminism is not to raise predominantly white women up to the level of blood money moguls. The goal is to fight for justice, to fight for all women, and the oppressed of any gender. In this segment, we take a look at a deep state darling on the rise in the midst of Nazi lines and war crimes.

DC community organizer Eugene Puryear joins us for an in-depth discussion on the real alternative to policing that DC is trying out. Called the NEAR Act, the goal of this program is to put public safety in the hands of the people rather than the police who, in many DC neighborhoods, act as an occupying, racist and brutal force.  Eugene also dives into the importance of community self-defense and the gaps in the binary gun argument we love to have in this country. The real solution, he says, isn’t in the gun itself but the culture surrounding it. Finally, Eugene dissects some systemic issues and outlines blueprints for how we might find and build alternatives – even in the midst of rising fascism.

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