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A Radical Vision For The Housing Crisis In The West Of Ireland

Polysee models what transit-Oriented Development could look like in Galway, Ireland.

“The government has tied Galway up in a bit of a bind. If the city can’t grow out, and it can’t grow up, how can it grow?”

YouTuber Polysee offers a vision for transit-oriented development in the city of Galway, a city on Ireland’s west coast that’s facing serious growing pains.

Transit-oriented development is a land use planning approach that concentrates high-density, mixed-use development – housing, groceries, retail, employment, childcare – within walking distance from rapid transit services. Centering development around transit hubs helps create vibrant, active, affordable and accessible neighbourhoods where both businesses and people – residents, workers and tourists alike – can thrive.

Polysee chose a 32-hectare parcel of land by Oranmore station, just outside Galway City, to model what this could look like.

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