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A Story Of Police Violence In France

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The extremely violent repression of the Gilets Jaunes movement has affected the lives of many, continuing a long tradition of police violence in France.

ROAR is proud to present a powerful new independent documentary that tells the story of three lives affected by police violence in France during the popular uprising of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement.

Mutilations and deaths through so-called “sub-lethal” riot control weapons have become all too common in the modern day Republic. Two dozen people lost the use of an eye from LBD (flashball) rubber bullet launchers, and five people have had their hands blown off by military grade grenades thrown by the police at the protesters.

The working class suburbs of France have long suffered a history of mutilations and deaths from such weapons. Now the mutilations have become mainstream and threaten anyone who dare demonstrate against the neoliberal government of Macron.

There is rarely any justice for the victims of these brutal attacks, and the militarized state forces fully understand this. They shoot with impunity.

In the film, Black activists talk of this being “a moment to restore the truth” about the history of police violence. They have long suffered under the oppression of state forces. And now, they stand in solidarity as larger parts of French society suffer the same fate.

This film is dedicated to those killed and mutilated by police weapons worldwide, a trend that is once again becoming all to common as a new wave of mass unrest spreads across continents.

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