A Wolf In Electoral Reform, Medicare For Some & Healthcare’s Front Lines

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ Occupy.com

First off, some GOOD NEWS! From the environmental justice front lines and the streets of Queens, here’s some inspiration to fuel your activism.

Next, could it be true that the House introduced progressive legislation to address our painfully corrupted electoral system? Well, kinda. Here’s a look at HR1 and why WE need to look beyond the veil of sweet-sounding reforms.

Next up, a similar problem with the recently passed War Powers resolution that aims to cut our support of the genocide in Yemen.

Then, it’s Medicare for All, not Medicare for Some – a look at how the establishment wants to dodge universal healthcare and why.

Finally, Remote Area Medical shows us what “healthcare” looks like for the most marginalized by doing what our healthcare system doesn’t: offering medical care for free.